12 Best flowers to grow indoor

Growing plants inside the house add a layer of freshness, joyfulness, colors, and maybe scent to it. Indoor plants make the place more beautiful and vibrant. They enhance the level of decor especially when you grow flowering plants. So here we are with this article suggesting “12 Best Flowers to Grow Indoor”.

Why need to Plant Indoor:-

  • Diminish your pressure , weakness, sore throat and cold.
  • Lift your disposition , efficiency , fixation and imagination .
  • Add life to a sterile space , give security and diminish clamor levels.
  • Help clean indoor air by retaining positions , expanding dampness and delivering oxygen.

Best Flower Plants to grow Indoor

1. Begonia

Begonia flower Plant
Begonia Plant

The Begonia flower plant grows up to 1 to 2 feets and are annuals so they require replanting. There are two kinds of begonia one is growing from seeds and another is growing from tubes.

The flowers begonia which grows from the seeds are small and it is difficult to grow them on other hand bulb begonia are star plant and easy to grow. There is various colors option for begonia are available such as pink, white, purple, yellow, and red.

The bulbs can be saved and replanted next year. However, It is a winter plant, that dies in the summer season, so harvest the bulb and cut in mid-season. you can grow begonia from the cutting for that acidic soil is used, less garden soil and more vermiculture.

2. African Violet

African violet indoor flower
African Violet

It is grown by using its well-matured leaf and planting it in the soil mix which has much manure and leaving it for 2 to 3 months in a south-facing window or north. Direct air is not good for this plant. When it comes to direct connection with air the cells of the leaf will die.

If you are using a 5-inch pot then 3 sticks can be grown in that space. Each stick or stem contains 3 flowers. Require porous or light soil to grow. So plant them with ¾ coco peat and ¼ vermicompost.

While giving the water, you must care if you spread water on its leaf then the leaf will destroy so on give water to its roots. Use compost or mix fruit juice as fertilizer, neem kali liquid 20 ml.

3. Scented Geranium

geranium flower plant indoor
geranium flower plant

These flowers are mostly available in summer. October is the best season to grow a 10-inch pot. Use clay pot because in the plastic pot there is a chance of overwatering and sometimes the soil in the plastic pot remains wet in the bottom and dry in the upper layer.

It works properly in the case of using clay pots. It loves direct sunlight of 4 -5 hours. The soil is not dry or wet. The moisture must be managed. You can grow the plant by using soil or mature cutting which is of 4-5 inch grow can also be planted in the soil.

The leaves of the plant are affected by a fungus that occurred due to overwatering. So remove the fungus-affected leaves and after a month give them fungicide.

4. Lipstick Plant

Lipstick Flower Plant

This is an indoor plant. The lipstick aglaonema grows in the bright light. It lives in the dull light but due to less light, it leaves d not grow very well. If you want the lipstick to be shiny and colorful keep them in shady or bright light.

Do not grow lipstick in the bigger pot, as the size of the plant increases you can shift to the big pot. Porus and well-drained soil 40% coco peat  20 % garden soil 20% sand 20% vermicompost. It is a moisture-loving plant.

In the summer season give them 2 times water in a week. After a month put fungicide. Small growing plant.

5. Purple Heart

Purple Heart indoor flower
Purple Heart

They need less attention & case A stole the heart of the visitor due to its purple color for growing the purple heart you need some cutting of the purple heart for that to take some cup and make a hole in the bottom of the cup. The next step Is the soil mixture.

The amount of the garden soil and sand must be equal first block the hole with gravers and now fill the cup with the soil mixture. To plant the cutting remove all the leaves from the bottom, just leave only 2 to 3 leaves from the top of the cutting.

Cutting must be 2 inches long. Make a hole in the soil with the help of the stick put the branches in the hole. After a couple of weeks when the roots come from the bottom shift the plant in the container for that use equal amount of sand, garden soil, and cow dung.

6. Flowering kalanchoe

Flowering Kalanchoe
Flowering Kalanchoes

The kalanchoe flowers are grown in the winter season only. There are two types of kalanchoe one is single petal flower kalanchoe whose stems are large but grown in small size flowers and the second is double kalanchoe whose height remains small but its plants grown on the excess quantity.

keep them in the maximum amount of sunlight. Pruning and pinching the stem with a pair of scissors will result in more branching. Pinching is the process of removing the new seeds so that their growth becomes multiplied.

7. Hibiscus

Hibiscus Flowering Plant
Hibiscus flower plants

Perennial plants in many colors such as white, pink, magenta, yellow, etc. It can be 1-15 feet depending upon how you take care of the plant and variety.

If you want to minimize or make it in a small size plant them in a container or you can grow them in the ground so that it can grow on its high height or use a shallow tray to make its bonsai tree.

It loves warm temperatures, full sunlight goes dormant in the winter. add compost twice a year in February and September .lets talk about soil, use soil, compost, dry leaves mold, sand, 2 tbsp bonemeal, neem cake each. Give sunlight and water on a regular basis.

8. Christmas cactus

It is also known as the holiday cactus because the flower of this plant is developed on the holiday of Christmas. The soil must be moist when the buds come out from the cactus.

The plant can survive in porous and well-drained containers like orchid pots. this cactus development is based on these 3 parts which are 1 vermiculite, 1 vermiculite, 1/5 coco fiber cutting. most affected by water watering. It is found in a cold area. It requires humidity around there.

You must use a humidity tray or a tray full of pebbles so that water does not touch the container. It prefers bright light .in the end of October put water in the soil when it supper layer 1-inch soil became dry.

9. Crown of Thorns

Crown of Thorns
Crown of Thorns flower

The crown of thorns can be grown by using 2 inches cuttings. Euphoria mill is also called as crown of thorns, is a woody, succulent shrub that features fleshy, bright green leaves with beautiful flowers in clusters.

Now it’s your turn to discuss how to propagate this plant put your gloves on and take 5-6 inch cuttings from the tip of the stem that has been left on it. Leafless stem won’t root.

10. Peace lily or spathiphyllum

Peace Lily
Peace Lily

It Is a common indoor plant mostly grows in offices and home and it is easy to grow and take care of. These plants have dark green leaves and white flowers. But what most people think of as the flower is actually a specialized leaf bract that grows hooded over the flowers.

These lovely plants not only brighten up a living space but are also excellent at cleaning the air and NASA approved it as a purifier plant. Peace lily plant care is easy, but you need to understand the requirements of a peace lily.

So let’s grow it soil required is well-drained and crumbly soil with can hold moisture for that use 60%garden soil 20% vermicompost  20% coco peat bone meal and neem cake one hand both. Now shift the soil and cut in the clay pot. Do not place the plant in direct sunlight.

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11. Impatiens

Impatiens flowers
impatiens flower plant

It is grown in the winter season for preparing the plant buy it’s cutting it from the nursery. For soil, the mixture use 20% garden soil, 20% sand, 30% organic compost, and 30% coco peat. Now shift the half soil in the container place the cutting in the center full the container with soil and give some water in the pot.

Place them in the morning sunlight and direct sunlight will harm the plant. The branches along with the buds should be trims periodically. In this way, the plant will grow more branches. The plant will the full of flowers in the month of February. Later use protein mustard cake solution once in 15 days that contains nitrogen phosphorus in the ratio of 10:26:26.

12. Hoya

Hoya Flower Plant
Hoya flower plant

It is an evergreen plant. When you grow it indoors it is a low maintenance plant. It will grow at moderate temperature. Its leaves are used in powder, perfumes, lotions.

It has at least  200 varieties mostly found in the Philippines and Australia. If you want to plant them in the garden they must be grown under a shaded tree and planted in 6 inches pot with an equal amount of vermicompost and coco peat.

Essential Factors for Selecting Indoor Flower

  • They survive in low light conditions .
  • Require less amount of water
  • Please don’t keep high flowering or fruiting plants indoor.
  • Spray antibiotic and antifungal once in a formight in the infected plants .
  • Do not keep the plant sin front of air conditioner or heater.
  • Keep 2 sets of plants for rotation
  • Keep a tray at the bottom of the pot
  • Change water every 7 – 15 days interval
  • Remove the infected or dead canes immediately
  • Use pebbles and stones to cover the top soil.
  • During spray insecticides move them outdoor.

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