12 Best Large Indoor Plants for Beginners

Many of us are new to indoor gardening, resulting in steer clear of growing large plants. They seem to require a lot of work and care to grow. Plus, there’s so much more of a plant that you could accidentally kill. But if you chose the right ones chances are they will grow out. Still, thinking what would be those large indoor plants for beginners?

large indoor plants
Large Indoor Plants for Begginers

However, there are so many people who are interested in gardening but due to space issues, they do not grow any plant. They drop the idea of gardening just because they do not have a garden. These people should not lose their hearts because this post is for them. You should know that there are so many ways to grow plants in the home such as indoor gardening, container gardening, terrace gardening, and more. And if you are a beginner here are the 12 Best Large Indoor Plants for beginners that you can grow easily in your home.

Moreover, there are so many benefits of growing plants indoors. Indoor plants make the mood fresh and clean the surrounding air. Also, they spread positivity in the room. You can decorate different rooms from these large indoor plants for beginners.

And yes some people like to decorate the home interior with large plants. So this post is going to be very interesting. Here is the list of Large Indoor Plants For Beginners.

12 Best Large Plants For Beginners

Rubber Plant

Large indoor rubber plant
Large Indoor Rubber Plant

The first one on the list is the Rubber Plant. It has large, oval-shaped leaves. The leaves of the rubber plant are glossy and appear to be eye-catching. It is one of the best large indoor plants for beginners as it requires very low maintenance and propagates easily. Rubber plants can grow up to 6 feet to 10 feet when grown in a large pot. It can survive in low light conditions which is why it is best for growing indoors as there is very limited sunlight falling inside the home.

This plant needs regular watering and slightly moist soil. There is no need of adding fertilizer if you are growing in the potting soil mix. If you are a beginner in gardening, you should try growing a “rubber plant” in the living room.

Rubber plants are known to clean the surrounding air. They remove pollutants like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde from the air. Being a large indoor plant it can be used for interior decoration.

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Fiddle Leaf Large Indoor plant
Fiddle Leaf Large Indoor plant

If you are looking for another large indoor plant having large, green, glossy leaves then look no further than the fiddle leaf fig. This plant has large leaves as compared to other large indoor plants. But, the size of the leaves can be controlled that’s why you can grow it as a houseplant.

Fiddle leaf fig propagates easily from stem cutting. Another option is to buy the potted plant from the local nursery where you will get it easily. It is a trending houseplant that has features recently In many home-decor magazines. It is a great filler and best for corners of the house.

There’s a misconception about fiddle leaf fig that it requires a lot of care. Don’t let that scare you off though. This plant thrives in bright sunlight. So simply provide it with bright light and plenty of water and it will thank you for it by flourishing.

You should rotate the pot every month so that each part of the plant gets equal exposure to the sun. Being a tropical plant it likes warm and humid conditions to grow. You should use well-drained soil for growing fiddle leaf figs.

Add fertilizer to the plant every month but avoid it in the winter. This plant requires no more attention than a normal houseplant. When you see a damaged or yellow leave remove it by cutting.

Fishtail Palm

large indoor plant

The reason why it is called fish-tail palm is that the plant has fish-tail-like leaves. The best place to keep this plant indoors would be near a window. The particular reason for that it is like indirect bright light which is easily available near a window sill.

It grows best in well-drained soil. Again being a tropical plant it loves a warm and humid environment to grow. A humidifier would work to give the plant the surroundings needed.


Large Indoor Plant

It is a low-maintenance plant which Is why it is among the best large indoor plants for beginners to grow. You must include this plant in your list if you are wishing to grow a beautiful large indoor plant. There are several different species of anthurium that exist in this world.

You can easily get one from a local nursery. This plant grows in low light and doesn’t require frequent watering hence it would be best for rooms.  

Overwatering could be the reason for destroying this beautiful plant as it doesn’t like its feets wet for a long time. Anthurium plant produces very beautiful flowers. To make the plant bloom, add fertilizer specifically rich in phosphorus. It will bring out the anthurium flowers soon.

Corn Tree

Large Indoor Plant

Corn tree is known to naturally purify the air. It can remove toxins such as ammonia, formaldehyde, etc from the air.

Also, this plant can survive in any condition. Just do not overwater the plant. The leaves of the plant will turn yellow if you overfeed it with water or fertilizer. This plant can reach up to 6 feet in hearing. And they propagate easily from cuttings.

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Desert Tree

The height of the desert tree can vary. If you are looking for a large indoor plant as a beginner that is beautiful and easy to grow then a desert tree could be an option.

It would be best if you grow it in the living room. With its flowers blooming desert plant looks so beautiful. It can be easily grown in containers indoors. Water the plant when the soil feels dry. You can use your finger to check that.

Umbrella Plant

Large Indoor Plant

If you are planning to grow an umbrella plant, choose a bright spot in the house. Being a natural air-purifier it removes the toxins from the air.

well-drained loamy soil would be best for growing umbrella plants. Make sure the container or pot you are using has a drainage hole at the bottom.


Large Indoor Plant
Philodendrom Large Plant

This is a decorative plant which means the philodendron plant is used for decorating the interior of the houses and other places. This plant has attractive, dark green leaves. Also, it is not very difficult to grow it as a houseplant. Philodendron easily grows in normal size containers or pots indoors

Direct exposure to the sun can turn the leaves yellow. Hence, place this plant near a window where it gets indirect bright light. Water the plant only when the soil feels dry.

Swiss Cheese Plant

Swiss Cheese Plant

This plant also falls in the category of large indoor plants for beginners. The leaves of this plant are big and heart-shaped and they are sensitive too. So, if the plant gets exposure to direct sun, the leaves may burn. Hence it prefers to grow in indirect bright light.

Swiss cheese plants grow well in moist soil. So a peat-based potting mix would be required. Water swiss cheese is planted only when the soil feels dry.

Dragon Plant


Dragon Plant is a very attractive plant that blooms white flowers during the spring season and has sword-like leaves. Dragon plants can grow up to 6 feet in height if grown properly in the container or pot.

Again, it is among one of the best houseplants because it grows well indoors. Indirect bright light is necessary for the growth of this plant. Keep in mind that this plant contains toxins so keep your children and pets away from it.

To grow this plant, a large container with potting soil mix would be needed. A large container would be helpful for roots to get ample space. Water the plant only when the soil feels dry. Overwatering can harm the plant.

Birds of Paradise


This is a beautiful plant and suits best in the living room. Birds of paradise plants need a container that is at least 34 inches deep as it is a large indoor plants. The soil should be in the ratio of 2:1 of potting mix and perlite. These two have good drainage quality.

Birds of paradise require more fertilizer than any other houseplant. Water the plant frequently. Do not overwater as the roots will rot and the plant would damage.

Otherwise, it is the best plant for getting attention and enhancing the beauty of a place.



This plant can be found in red-green, copper, orange, pink and brown colors. Crotons naturally clean the surrounding air by removing pollutants.

The beautiful color of this plant enhances the beauty of the place where kept and brings liveliness too. Crotons are fast-growing plants and could reach up to 10 feet when grown in large pots. There is a dwarf variety available that grows up to 3 to 4 feet in height. This plant needs bright light to show its true growth potential. Minimum 5 hours of sunlight is necessary, for that you can place the container or pot near a south-facing window of the room. Make sure the plant gets proper sunlight. Otherwise, the leaves will become dull and eventually damage the plant.

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