20 Shade-loving Flowering Plants

In container gardening, it is not possible for every container to give proper sunlight. I mean it’s easy to move the container or pots in the sun but what if you don’t want to do it daily. You might need some shade-loving plants that can grow well inside your house. So here are 20 shade-loving flowering plants that grow In shady areas.

You can decorate your bedroom, living room, and other shady places in the house with these beautiful flowers. Moreover, they will give aroma and positivity to the area.

List of Shade Loving Flowering Plant



This plant is known for producing white, pink or lavender flowers. Also, it is a low maintenance plant which means that it can be grown with minimum effort and any beginner could grow it. If you want to add some contrast in the interior of your house then you must choose this plant as it has long-blooming flowers and colorful foilage.

This plant can survive easily In bright shaded area where direct sulight don’t fall. And, you can propagate them easily into another pot or container through stem cutting.

However, you can grow them from seeds too. Deadnettle do not like much moisture so you should avoid overwatering this plant in order to save it from rotting. A well-drained soil would be perfect for growing this flowering plant.



The particular reason for selecting this stunning flowers plant is that it can survive in dark shaded areas of your house. Foamflower blooms white to pinkish flowers with the dense mount of foilage. This plant grows very quickly and can be grown easily with ferns, hostas, etc.

the soil is rich in organic matter and humus is perfect for growing foamflower in it. This plant likes to grow in cold climates and do not prefer hot areas.



This plant can only grow in shady places. You must grow it in a shady region for the health and optimal growth of lungwort. Direct sunlight is not good for this plant. Hence it is included in the list of 20 shade-loving flowering plants.

The soil used in growing this plant should be organically rich, well-drained, and slightly acidic. You should maintain the frequency of watering the plant. The division method is the best way to propagate lungwort.



It is a slow grower but blooms for a long time so it would be okay to grow it inside your house in a pot or container. Astilbe is a low-maintenance flower that produces plum-like flowers. The maximum height of this plant that it can reach is up to 2 feet.

Astilbe plant cannot be grown easily from seeds so it would be easy to propagate through the division method. It is a tough plant and can easily survive in cold weather.



The flowers of this plant look very delicate but do not need much care. A shady region is perfect for growing hydrangea flowers. You should set a frequency of watering this plant. Water at least thrice a week would help in the growth of roots and eventually the whole plant.



It is a fast-growing and fast flower-producing plant but in the second season. In its second season, it will bloom funnel-shaped flowers. The color of these flowers can be purple, pink or white.

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To grow primrose, make sure you are using well-drained, nutrient-rich soil. Maintain the watering frequency for proper growth of the plant.



This plant is known for producing non-stop flowers. It blooms from late spring to frost. Rich and well-drained soil is perfect for the optimal growth of this plant. They can be easily grown in containers. It is perfect for decorating your home with flowers as it adds up some vibrant colors through its flower.

Bleeding heart


As of the shape of the flower of this plant, it is named as bleeding heart. It produces flowers of pink, red or white colors. Use well-drained and rich soil for growing bleeding hearts in it.

The maintenance of this plant is little more than the others on the list, so you must check the water and soil at fixed intervals. If the soil feels dry to touch, water the plant thoroughly.



A beautiful plant with cup-shaped flowers and evergreen stems makes it a perfect flowering plant to grow in a shaded region. This plant starts to bloom in December. Hellebore can be easily grown in containers or pots.

Yellow corydalis


Yellow corydalis is grown mostly in partial-shady regions. The reason is that if it is planted in sun, the leaves may be burnt. This plant can be easily grown from seeds. Just use the potting mix, sow the seed, give some moisture and it will germinate in a few days. Once the seedlings grow out, you can transplant them into large containers.



Easily adjustable in clay and alkaline soil. The flowers bloom in the summer. You can grow them in containers, pots, or hanging baskets.



The flowering plant begonia is very much popular when growing indoors. This plant produces beautiful flowers that are ornamentally significant. The plant begonia thrives best in shade. Remember that this plant needs regular watering to grow. Being an ornamental plant, It is widely grown for the purpose of interior decoration.

Caladium bicolor


This plant produces fancy and decorative flowers in shady areas which means it would be best to include this plant on this list of shade-loving flowering plants. This plant refers rich and well-drained soil for its optimal growth.

Regular water Is required for this plant and makes sure to give little extra water on hot summer days. Apply mild water-soluble fertilizer throughout the growing season. This plant has arrow-shaped leaves and produces flowers that look really good.

Abutilon hybrids


The other name by this plant of abutilon hybrids is flowering maple. Because of its green leaves that look like maple. The flowers of this plant can be found in pink, white, yellow, orange, and red.



This plant can be grown in both full sun and shady areas. Hence, it is included in this list of shade-loving flowering plants. Always keep the soil moist to promote the development of stems and flowers. On hot days, provide extra water to the plant. During spring, apply a thin layer of compost to promote flower production. You can grow this plant in pots, containers, and hanging baskets for the purpose of interior decoration.



If you are looking for a low maintenance shade-loving flowering plant then look no further than balsam. These are widely used for decorating indoors. The blooms of this plant are found in a variety of colors like white, red, pink, and purple.

They can be easily grown in pots, containers, or hanging baskets. The best time to grow this plant is in spring after the frost. It thrives best in the shady and semi-shady regions. Hence best for growing indoors as an attractive shade-loving plant.



This plant is also known as the wishbone flower plant. Torenia is an annual plant with white, blue, or pink flowers. It is a charming and shade-loving flowering plant having trumpet-shaped blooms. Mostly, they are used for indoor decoration. Torenia can be grown easily in pots, containers or hanging baskets.

Meadow rue

meadow rue

This plant is also known by the name of lavender mist. It is adorable and attractive flowering plant that loves shade. It will thrive best in shady areas of your garden or indoors. Being a low-maintenance plant, It becomes easy to grow them. You will feel charmed in your house after addition of these flowers.

Amethyst flower


These are tropical beautiful flowering plant. The colors of it’s flower is blue. Moreover, the flowers are found in sky blue, violet and white. Amethyst flower can be easily grown in pots, containers or hanging baskets inside the home. And warm weather is considered perfect for this plant to grow.

Being a tropical flowering plant, it needs regular watering. But do not overwater this plant because it will result in low production of flowers. The same applies with fertilizers. Note that the flowers of this plant are toxic for kids and pets.

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