13 Best Houseplants Decor For Kitchen

Growing plants in your kitchen is an easy way to retain some personality in the space. Moreover, a kitchen decorated with beautiful and colorful houseplants will spread positivity and lighten the mood while doing regular chores. Maybe you are wondering what kind of plants can grow and thrives at full potential in an indoor space like a kitchen. Also, it depends on the type of kitchen you have. Whether it has windows or not, countertop, how often you cook, humidity, temperature, and so on. Keeping all these in mind here are the 13 Best houseplants decor for your kitchen.

Aloe-vera Plant on kitchen counter

The plants present in the list following can handle most of the situations and are neutral to the surrounding like the kitchen. If you are planning to buy plants for your kitchen these 13 houseplants are a great choice to start. Also, if you don’t know much about how to keep them alive and growing well, read the article till the end.

Green houseplants not only beautify the place they are kept in but also purify the air by removing pollutants from the air.

Where to Place Plants in the kitchen?

Before growing any plant indoors it is important to finalize the location of the pot or container. Sort out the space to place plants in the kitchen. The plants considered in this list can handle multiple levels of light, temperature, and humidity.

There is still an option for growing plants in hanging baskets and trailings that you can place on top of the closet. And, pots can be placed on the window sill or counter table top near the window. For the maximum duration of sun feeding south-facing window would be best but windows near other directions would also work well. Although the intensity of light would be less.

In case you don’t have any windows in the kitchen, still you can grow them inside your kitchen. The plants mentioned in the list are low-light houseplants that you can grow easily indoors.

Moreover, you can use LED grow lights under the cabinet to provide artificial light to small potted plants. Unlike old halogen bulbs, LED grow lights don’t emit heat. Hence it is safe to keep the plants under it.

Houseplants For Kitchen Decor

Tropical houseplants with glossy leaves are perfect for the modern kitchen. But you can also choose from moisture-loving colorful houseplants that enhance the beauty of the place. Tropical houseplants do very well in sunny kitchen interiors.

Following is the list of the Best Houseplants for your kitchen.

Peace Lillies

The plant of peace lily not only makes the place appreciating but also cleans the surrounding air. It has big leaves that are dark green in color. They enjoy humidity so it’s best for growing them in a place like a kitchen where humidity is a bit higher. Also, they can tolerate a short period of underwatering. It would be best if you place them near an east-facing window so they get morning sunlight and avoids the intense heat during the peak hours.

Polka Dot Plant

With colorful dots spreads all over the leaves, this plant (the Hypoestes Phyllostachys ) will make your kitchen no less than a modern-day dream kitchen. This plant does best in indirect sunlight. Hence if your kitchen has no windows or small windows this houseplant can be a good choice. Polka dot plant likes moist soil. So water the plant frequently not letting the soil dry. Also, the polka dot plant likes a humid environment that you can easily create by misting.

Chinese Evergreen

Wondering for a plant that can tolerate all conditions. Look no further than Chinese evergreen. It has long, beautiful green leaves with a silver sheen. Chinese evergreen is a low-maintenance plant and can thrive in a range of temperatures, and light and water frequencies. You can hardly go wrong.

Spider Plant

Growing spider plants is not a very difficult task. Spider plant thrives best in direct sunlight but it will be fine to grow them in a low-light space. So it doesn’t matter how much light your kitchen receives or humidity levels, this plant will prosper. You can grow this plant In a hanging basket. Another good option is to grow them in a pot or container and place it in the cabinet. Provide spider plants with well-drained soil and bright indirect light and they will flourish. Water them well and prune them if they need.

Aloe Vera

Not only it will look cute on the counter top but Aloe Vera has medicinal benefits. It has green, pointed, fleshy leaves that may grow up to 19 inches if conditions are favorable. It thrives best in direct sunlight. So it would be better to place it near a south-facing window. Let the soil dry between the waterings. It doesn’t like soggy wet soil. Aloe vera plant has antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties. Pinch off the leaves and apply the gel-like substance to the skin. It has skin healing properties.


This plant is a great option if you want some hanging plants in your kitchen. It has to vein heart-shaped leaves that do not take up much space as it is hung through the ceiling. This plant grows well in sunlight but it will adjust in low light also. Pothos grow both in water and in soil. Water well then pothos plant if growing in soil and let the soil dry between waterings.

Venus Fly Trap

As the name suggests, the Venus Flytrap actually lures the insects and trap them into their leaves, and eats them. This is a carnivorous plant and can help to get rid of mosquitoes, insects, and bugs up to some extent. As it traps flies and bugs it is a useful plant for your kitchen.

Cast Iron

This plant is as tough as its name suggests. It doesn’t mind low light conditions. It can easily grow in it. Keep this plant away from direct sunlight as it may burn the leaves. Its long curly straight leaves are naturally attractive and shiny. This plant does not like wet soil. Keep the plant slightly moist in summers and let the soil dry between waterings during the autumn and winter season. Grow the cast iron plant in well-drained soil with organic-rich matter and slightly acidic in nature.


The plant is named after its arrow-shaped leaves. Attractive arrowhead leaves with silver color make it an interesting, easy-to-care plant that beautifies the kitchen space. Arrowhead Plant prefers organic-rich well-drained, slightly moist soil to grow. Ensure to use cold water as warm or tepid water. Cold water will burn the plant roots and increase the chances of fungal disease in plants. This plant requires indirect bright light, hence you can place it anywhere in the kitchen. Just keep them slightly away from windows. As direct sunlight can harm the plant.

African Spear Plant

It is also known as the African snake plant. It has long cylindrical leaves and narrows to a point to the tip. When grown in favorable conditions, the African spear plants might blooms and produce small white flowers that are exceptionally beautiful. This plant can tolerate any light levels. If your kitchen does not receive much light exposure and still wondering which plant to grow then an African spear plant is a great option.

Aluminum Plant

Growing aluminum plants will add extra charm to your kitchen. Here’s how to grow an aluminum plant indoors. It requires little maintenance and grows perfectly to make a place worth watching. It has silver patches on its leaf surface that contribute to an ornamental feel.

Heartleaf Philodendron

Commonly known as the sweetheart plant is an evergreen foliage plant native to tropical regions. It is one of the popular houseplants that retain beauty throughout the year. Heartleaf philodendron is very easy to grow with little care. This plant is known to do best in bright indirect light so choose a spot that is near a window or door. Use well-drained soil to grow heartleaf philodendron. Click here to know more about heartleaf philodendron.

Air Plant

Commonly known as Tillandsia. This plant grows in bright light without soil. If you are looking for a plant that literally doesn’t require any care then an air plant is the closest you can get. Hang these plants in a glass vessel wherever you want to add a little flair to your kitchen.

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Advantages of Plants in the Kitchen

Decorating a kitchen with houseplants is cheaper than those of artificial things. Houseplants only need water to survive and they will remain green for their lifetime. Also, there are herbs that grow well in the kitchen so you can save a lot of money because you can directly use them.

Nowadays the groceries are grown with enough chemicals and it is difficult to say whether it is safe or not. But if you grow them in your kitchen, they will be 100% organic and free from harmful chemicals.

If you choose plants carefully like venus fly trap or marigold, they will prevent the space from mosquitoes, prevents bites, and reduce the risk of diseases like dengue and malaria.

Lastly, gardening is a relaxing activity that brings you close to nature. It also helps in reducing stress and calming your mind. Also, spending time with nature is good for both mental and physical health.

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