Best indoor air purifying plants

Areca Plant

Areca Plant to Purify air
Areca Plant to Purify air

There are two types of air purify plants one is a draft (small) and the second is a large size (6- 7 feet). Areca is oxygen giving plant. You can place it in the indoor area so that it provides fresh air and provide a great look to the room.

Areca does not like overwatering if you give continuous water to the plant, as a result, its roots became burnt and nutrients will not go up to the plant so leaves become yellow, then the plants will dry.

Don’t put the areca to direct sunlight. You can place it in the east-west direction. it is a semi-shaded plant. Areca says no to over fertilizer, it requires only (1 -2 fertilizer within a year).

Snake Plant

Snake Plant Purifies air
Snake Plant Purifies air

Snake plant is a hardy plant. You can plant it in a plastic or ceramic container. As you want to grow the plant you can place the cutting of snake plant, it helps in the growth of the plant.

As it grows the pub and extends the stem with drained soil. For making the proper soil use 40% of soil and 20% compost. This plant requires less watering . in winter you must give water after 20 -22 days. another name of the snake plant is sensebra . it has its own varieties more than 70 is available. At night level of oxygen is increased. At least 2 plants in one room is needed.

Monkey Plant

The monkey plant requires 1 hour of sunlight in a day. you can use a 5-inch pot for planting the monkey plant. October – April is a much appreciated time period to plant the monkey plant. In the month of May, place it in the shaded area. well-drained soil is required for the monkey plant. And, For preparing the soil 40% percent 20% cocopeat 40% garden soil 5% mustard kale is used. you can place this plant in the hanging basket. Less amount of water and dry soil is normal for the growth of the monkey plant. The rate of the growth of leaves expand is high.

Gerbera Daisy

gerbera Daisy  indoor
gerbera Daisy indoor

it is a beautiful plant. this plant has colorful flowers. It needs to the bright and large in warmer climates. Gerbera daisies can be grown in the garden but in the cooler climates, they are grown outdoors as annuals. Also, grow well in containers. You must choose a container with lots of drainage holes. Choose the smallest pot possible so you can easily move the plant outside as the weather allows. The ideal soil is well-draining and fertile soil such as a potting mix with lots of peat or vermiculite mixed in it.

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen Plant air purify
Chinese Evergreen Plant

Chinese evergreen is a slow-growing plant. It has a color reflection which can be green, red. the stem of the Chinese evergreen plant is very beautiful. And, It requires 20 -30 degrees celsius to grow the plant.

Moreover, It does not like direct sunlight because as the direct sunlight spreads on the plant its edges become brown, leaves will be burned and it will take color like pink, red.

To prepare the soil you must divide it into 4 portions which are garden soil, compost soil, cocopeat, verscent. You keep noticing there will be no overwatering for the plant or no excess water. First, check the soil from ½ – 2-inch soil before spreading water. if upper soil is dry then only give some water.

However, composting is required twice in a year. liquid manuring in between will be a bonus. Repotting since it’s a slow-growing plant, it takes longer to become root-bound. It requires 2 -3 years depending upon the size of the pot.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant
Spider Plant

it can be planted on the teapot, ice cream maker, sugar pot, cute cycle pot holder to give the plant an attractive look. Direct sunlight is required after 4- 5 days place it in open area. Do not suffer from excess water.

To make soil for the plant you can add compost to it. spider plant can be placed in the semi-shaded area outdoor. This plant is very sensitive so place it outdoor in the evening for cold weather. If the growth rate is increased so you have to change the pot.

Broad lady Palon

it is a fully green plant , it does not need much care and attention for the growth. If the plant became dry then only give some water to broad lady palon. In winter after 12 -15 days give water to the plant because roots are too deep. Deep watering is the good instead of shallow watering .

water drainage is a must for the plant. the optimum amount of light is essential, you can do pronuing then only when its leaves get dry. once or twice fertilizer is done for the growth root , otherwise it will destroy the roots.

Fiddle leaf fig

the another name of this plant is ficus laytra . it mostly available in the forest rain , with cold and humid , constant temperature such as in chennai , Kolkata this is the favorite weather. It is an air purifying plant with control humidity level because it absorb the humidity .

its leaf absorb the humidity of your room. It can be placed in the low light condition like office area , indoor area for a long period of time. You can place it in indoor except another plant who need after 4 -5 daylight but this 15 – 20 day rainy season favourite.

Dragon tree

dragon tree is an indoor plant which is an air purifier . bright indirect light prefer in the tree. The direct light will destroy the plant. Water once a week if you do regular watering it will damage the soil of the plant. It is a slow growth plant because it focus on planting new leaves .fertilize the plant once a month must be in summer season.

Rubber plant

Rubber Plant
Rubber Plant Purify Air

ficus elasticity is the second name of the rubber plant. it requires medium light or bright light. you can shift the plant in the afternoon sun or morning sun. It tolerates the under watering within 1 week or once after 1 – 4 days .each and every root of the plant requires water.

Add fertilizer because soil regularly uses fertilizer as nutrient once a month. Cut the stem from the top of the leaves because it grows vertically.

Bamboo Plants Purify Air Indoors

Bamboo purify air indoor
Bamboo purify air indoor

for the proper plantation of the bamboo plant change water after 10 days. Tap water or soil, put water if the upper layer soil gets dry. there will be no excess or less soil. if you grow them in soil I prefer you to use cocopeat soil if hold the moisture. in summer in dry places like Delhi, Chennai. It is a slow grow up and keep this plant in shade. for decoration, you can place the bamboo in water. propagate from the stem and cut just above the node.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera Purify air
Aloe Vera Purify air

The best option for indoor air purifying plant. if you want to plant aloe vera in your home so you have to be sensitive and caring towards its cleaning. you have to take wet tissues or towels and clean it from its stem to top leaves. 3- 5 hours of sunlight is more than enough. west direction is best for grow partial or indoor sunlight.

Basil Also Cleans Air Indoors

it is used in ayurvedic medicine mainly used in cooking. Maybe it cannot available in the nursery but you can buy it from online sites. for planting the plant the cutting or seeds can be used. In summer shifted in a shaded area. Water twice in a day moist soil used for that cocopeat can be used. High nitrogen and Bosphorus are used to develop the roots of the plant.

if any pesticide attacks the plant uses a neem oil spray.

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Golden Pothos For Purifying Air

Pothos purify air indoor

it is an extremely beautiful plant and it is a long-life plant. it does not require any spot for its growth it can grow up to 1 foot without any stick. its stems are not strong. Sunlight damages its leaf. if you want to put the plant in the pot for that use well-drained soil. golden pothos is a slow-growing plant. in winter there will be no growth. In summer growing time is good.

Lilly plant

Lilly plant needs a bright light spot. The summer season is the growing season for the plant. Lilly plants have multiple kinds of leave patterns they may be thin, broad, small height, big height. It requires well-drained soil and it controls the moisture 25% compost 25% cocopeat 25% soil 25% sand. leaves tips brown is a big problem the main reason behind is over watering or less watering. give water when the upper soil becomes dry. it loves humidity some change the color of leaves due to high or low light so give appropriate light . in case of nutrient deficiency, it grows light green color leaf except white.

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