15 Best Indoor hanging plants

Who doesn’t love plants? Plants are beautiful, we love them. They grow from a seed to a fully grown healthy plant and observing these changes through container gardening is even more interesting. Nowadays, it becomes a trend for growing small beautiful plants inside the house to make it more admiring. Keeping this in mind, we have brought out some best indoor hanging plants that will absolutely add up to the beauty of the house and environment.

15 Best Indoor Hanging Plants to Decorate your Home

Along with the increase in the number of ideas for home decor in people’s minds, there comes one for hanging plants. If the tabletops and other surfaces are occupied inside your house, you may look for unused ceiling space.

Also, there are thousands and thousands of people on social media who are practicing it in their small houses. Which actually looks cool. Right!

There are so many plants that can go for hanging plants but we have selected the best for you. The Ones with low maintenance & can grow easily. Moreover, you can get a hanger dedicated to your plants in one corner or multiple places at home.

If you want a separate article on how to style them, please let us know. Even a few comments inspire us to write more for you. By the way, let’s take a look on the list of best hanging plants

1. Tillandsia

indoor hanging plant
tillandsia Plant

The First plant we have on our list is Tillandsia. It is a plant that you can grow without using soil. It does not require much care and attention. You have seen this hanging plant in glass bottles or bowls.

To make it more beautiful and decorative put some colorful pebbles and miniatures which are easily available in the market. This plant requires bright light to grow.

Therefore, you can place it in any area of your home but I prefer you to place it in the drawing-room, where you can spend your are most of the time. As the circulation of air is good and pure the growth of tillandsia becomes good.

2. Burros tail

Burros tail hanging plant

burros tail is a circulant plant and it can survive without water for a few days. An interesting fact that helps the burros tail plant to grow inside the house is that the water gets stored in the leaves of this plant. Hence, when the burro’s plant requires water, the leaves supply them to the roots.

You must place this plant in the open area where the perfect sunlight rays are Falling upon the plant. The living room or the kitchen would be the best place, but you can place them anywhere where they get enough sun.

However, This plant suits the window side of the room and hangs the plant on the hanging basket. Furthermore, you can also paint the container and put some circulars too.

3. Pitcher plant

pitcher indoor hanging plant

this plant is very interesting as the name indicates “pitcher”. It pitches the insects and takes food from that insects as a nutrient or you can say it eat the insects. This kind of plant is mostly placed in the kitchen so that insects can be easily killed.

The pitcher and leaf of the plant keep increasing on the downside. It’s a vibrant color plant that attracts insects. It becomes hard for most of them to repel from it. They are usually attracted to it and sit on it. And when an insect comes close to this plant, it closes its leaves and eat, and digests the insect.

That’s why it is used in the kitchen to maintain cleanliness.

4. Peperomia

This is an extremely beautiful plant and has various styles. It is a small plant you can place it in a small pot and decorate the room. It may not be available in the nursery but you can purchase it online.

This Plant is more of a decorative plant. It has heart-shaped leaves with a beautiful texture on it. Any guest would be pleased to see this plant if you place it inside the house in order to decorate your home. This plant has quite a good variety that comes in red, green, gray, and cream color leaves.

In my opinion, if you are planning to decorate your home with the best indoor hanging plants make sure that you include this plant as well.

5. Chenillie plant

Chenillie indoor hanging plant

Our other hanging plant on the list s is the Chenille plant. It grows quite fast than other hanging plants. Make sure you maintain the size of this plant. This plant grows outpouring from the pot to downwards.

However, it looks beautiful in small pots as its leaves and flowers grow in a downward direction (Obviously due to gravity). But Overall, it looks good. It is a sun-loving plant but can also be grown in partial share inside the house.

In my opinion, place it near the south-facing window so that it can get maximum sun and grow the best.

6. Birds Nest fern

Pot Bird nest fern

These plants produce their own seeds on another plant. The size and shape of the bird’s nest fern vary as per the sunlight rays that fall on it.

This plant’s growth is directly proportional to exposure to sunlight. Increased exposure to sunlight will promote optimal growth and if the sunlight exposure time is reduced, the size of the plant will also get reduced.

Also, It likes the humidity you can place it in your bathroom and a wooden box is preferable.

7. Chinese Money Plant

Chinese money plant hanging indoor

The Chinese money plant is a hanging basket decoration plant. This plant is mainly planted in the villas, where the background wall of the villa is white and to make a good texture on that you can paint the basket of plant with white color. 

The leaf of the plant is a little thick and dark green in color. This plant is likely as the rose flower as like its thickness. When the drop of water is put upon the leaf of the Chinese monkey plant it seems very pretty and the color of the plant is a little bit changed. 

8. Spider plant

Spider plant pot

Spider plant is also known as an air-purifying plant. It is one of the best hanging basket plants indoors. This plant needs indoor lightning because overheating due to sunlight damage the plant and stuck the growth of the spider plant.

You just give the water to the plant when it is required because of the overwatering results in the destruction of the leaf. Before giving the water to the plant, you kindly check the soil of the plant. if the soil is dried then only water is required.

9. String of Banana

Succulent bananas can be placed indoors or outdoor. Placed it on the window side so that little sunlight spread on the string of bananas. Only give water when it is required, no excess water, and keep checking the proper drainage of water. otherwise, it will destroy the root of the plant.

That would lead to the heartbreaking result of a damaged plant.

10. English ivy

English Ivy hanging plant indoors

Next, we have on the list is the English Ivy. The plant is mainly used to cover the wall and you can also grow in the hanging pot.

To make English Ivy more beautiful, you must try to hang it on the white background wall. It will give out the best contrast and appears to be more admiring. kindly protect from too much high heat.

11. Golden Pothos

Golden pothos hanging plant

Golden pothos is easy to propagate it can be planted in both water or without water. For the plantation of this plant, you do not put it near the window side. It does not require that much sun.

Hence, this plant can survive without the sun. For the maximum growth of this plant mix cocopeat in the soil of the plant.

12. Turtle vine

Turtle vine hanging pot

Turtle vine is a hanging plant. It is easily grown in rough and tough conditions you need not take much care of the turtle plant. As you know it spread in a wide area and covers a huge amount nearby.

So you can plant the turtle vine at that portion where you want to cover the particular area. Once you planted the turtle vine it grows randomly at a high rate. It does not require sunlight as the leaf of the turtle vine is too sensitive. Also, It does not require too much care.

13. Orchid

Orchid indoor hanging plant

The orchid represents the symbol of love. It is wild and exotic but you can use it as a houseplant. Its flower is so fuzzy. It comes in purple, white colors that glamour the viewer.

The root of the plant gets damaged due to overwatering. Most of the orchids required at least water after one week and the condition varies from one another. Fertilize the orchid every week so that growth of the plant can be grown. It’s really a beautiful plant choice to hang inside the house for decoration.

14. Arrow head

Arrow head pot

It is easy to grow and you may place it in the medium-light area with little or no sunlight. Arrowhead mainly helps to reduce the indoor air pollution. This plant is also named an air purifier plant as it cleans and purifies the surrounding air.

Their leaves change their shapes as they grow, so restrict yourself from cutting down the leaves and let them grow fully into a beautiful plant. Also this plant-like humid place, so kitchen or bathroom would be a better place to hang them.

15. Boston fern

Boster fern hanging plant

Next, we have on the list is Boston fern. It is a long-living plant. If the leaf of the plant gets damaged It will not affect the other leaf of the plant. For this plant, light-medium heat is required, as the growth of the plant increases, it looks more beautiful.

For the constant growth of the plant, you need a perfect atmosphere so that its growth performs work simultaneously.

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The Bottom Line for the best Indoor hanging plant

Hanging plants inside the home is now becoming a lifestyle for many people around the globe. For people who love gardening but have space issues or don’t have much time to take care of their plants, hanging plants that grow indoors is the best option for them.

Also, Hanging plants indoors becomes a center of attraction for the guests. It is one of the best ways to decorate your home with. Mainly, these plants are used for decorating the interior of the house. It kind of fills the home with greenery. Also, they purify the air around them. So it’s a win-win to plant them inside the house as well.

Moreover, Being near to you, you can easily observe the growth of your favorite plant. And it spread positive energy as well.

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