Best tomatotes to grow indoors

Tomatoes are easily available everywhere in almost every grocery store but the tomatoes grown in your pot at your home are fresher and tastier than those from the market. If you are planning to grow tomatoes, here are the 10 best tomatoes to grow indoors.

And, if you are worried about space or you don’t know how to grow it, then stop worrying because I have already written an article on how to grow tomatoes indoors.

The best thing about growing tomatoes is that with only a little care and maintenance, you can have a lot of tomatoes in your home through the container gardening of tomatoes.

There are so many varieties of tomatoes and one can question which variety of tomatoes should be grown? In this article, I am sharing the 10 best tomatoes to grow indoors and you can choose anyone from it or maybe 2 or more, it’s up to you totally.

It would be better if you choose a variety of tomatoes that is small-fruited so that you can get a large number of tomatoes. Otherwise, there are some varieties that grow up to 6 to 9 feet or more and bear large fruits. But they are not suitable for growing indoors. Hence, down here is the list of the 10 best tomatoes to grow indoors.

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Can We Grow Tomatoes Indoors?

Yes, you can grow tomatoes indoors, if you fulfill the requirement of tomato plants like lighting, watering, fertilizing, then it is possible to grow tomatoes indoors. And, if you are planning to grow it indoors in a pot or a container I would suggest you grow tomatoes from seeds themselves.

To grow tomatoes indoors initially germinate the seeds by planting them in a planting tray and placing it in a semi-shaded location. During this whole process, the planting tray should remain moist.

After about 7 days, young seedlings can be clearly seen emerging out of the soil. And 30 more days later the leaves will be started to come out. This Is the time when you need to transplant the new seedlings into a larger pot or container. For this transplantation, you can use a bucket or a pot. Also, make sure that there is a drainage hole at the bottom of the container so that the roots of the plant can breathe.

This is very important for the optimal growth of your tomato plant. Use high-quality potting mix in the pot to grow your tomatoes in a container. The potting mix will provide all the essential nutrients required to the tomato plant so there is no need to add any extra garden soil.

Once, you selected the container with a proper drainage hole at the bottom of it, added the potting mix to it, now it’s time to transplant the tomato seedlings from the planting tray to the container. Now take out the seedling with care to protect roots from damage.

It would be better if you loosen the roots of the plant before sowing it in the soil of the container or pot. Finally water your seedling in the new container. Potted plants dries out quickly, so maintain the frequency of watering your tomato plant to prevent it from drying out.

Make sure to not to over water the plant as it would result in roots and the plant would die. Just water the plant to make the soil moist.

Minimum 6 hours of sunlight is needed for the young plant to grow fully. Hence it is your duty to keep It in a place where it gets enough sunlight to grow. And if it is not possible to get direct sunlight, it would be better to arrange artificial grow lights for your new plant.

Best Varieties of Tomatoes to Grow Indoors

There are plenty of varieties of tomatoes available to grow, and it is difficult to choose one. To short-list your choices you need to understand the requirements of the plant and then decide.

Broadly there are two types of tomatoes:  determinate tomatoes and indeterminate tomato

If you’re looking for tomatoes to grow indoors, go for the determinate one. They need less space. They are bush varieties and they grow up to 4 feet only. This size is suitable for indoor gardening.

And, the indeterminate ones are widely chosen for growing outdoors in gardens or on like farms. The particular reason for that is they require large space as they could grow more than 9 feet. This is why they are avoided to grow indoors and only grow outdoor.

I would prefer green tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, and other similar varieties that produce small fruit.

  1. Pixie
  2. Tiny-Tim
  3. Patio
  4. Mountain spring
  5. Celebrity
  6. Siberia
  7. Totam
  8. Better early bush cherry
  9. Silver fir tomato
  10. Yellow pear tomato
  11. Green tomato
  12. Cherry tomatoes

Taking Care of Indoor Tomato Plants

Through indoor gardening of tomatoes, you can have fresh and tasty tomatoes in the house itself. Now it is very much important to take care of indoor tomato plants that are grown. To make this article more meaningful I am going to share some tips and techniques that will help in the growth of the tomato plant.

– Always use well-drained soil and fertilizer if you want your tomato plant to flourish and produce tasty fruit.

– Also, take care about watering and sunlight duration. Water the tomato plant enough so that it doesn’t dries out and arrange at least 6 hours of sunlight to the plant. Otherwise, go for the artificial sunlight option.

– While kept in sun, frequently rotate your pot so that every side gets equal sunlight.

– Pruning (removing leaves) is very important. Remove any type of yellow or dead leave from the plant for optimal growth.

– To protect your plant from pests and disease, use high-quality seeds that are resistant to pests and diseases. All the information will be provided when you buy the seeds from a vendor or online.

– Once, the plant starts to bear its first set of fruits it may attract pests and several other insects that may eat up the fruit or even plant. So take care of that too. Immediately remove the insect from the plant.

– Select the location of your plant, where there is good air circulation. Fresh air is important for the perfect growth of tomato plants.

Thanks For Reading. Happy Gardening.

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