Bucket Gardening: 12 Vegetables to Grow In Buckets Easily

Bucket gardening is a form of gardening practice that is in trend nowadays. It’s a great option for people who can’t manage a big garden but still loves gardening. It’s more of compact gardening that can be done in containers such as buckets, paint containers, and more.

Bucket:- A Bucket is an open, round container that is made of metal or plastic with a handle that is mostly used for carrying something. It is used for various purposes and you can find one easily at home.

Gardening:- It represents the growing and cultivating of different types of plants. Gardening is more like a hobby for people these days. Also, a garden with beautiful plants looks very appreciative.

What Is Bucket Gardening?

BUCKET GARDENING is the process of growing plants, vegetables in a bucket or container instead of planting them in the garden.

As we know there are many people who love gardening but have some space issues in their home and in some cases there are tons of people who even don’t have their own home and they live on rent so it is very difficult for them to do so.

Therefore, Bucket gardening is most preferable for them. It’s best because at the time of shifting the place, you can literally take your garden out with yourself along with other furniture stuff.

How We Can Grow Vegetables In Bucket?

It is not rocket science to grow vegetables in a container. You just simply have to learn some basics to do container gardening, so that the plant won’t die and grow gracefully in the limited space of the container.

To grow vegetables in the bucket we need all these things which are as follows:

1. Collect Some Buckets

For bucket gardening, you need 5-10 gallons of the bucket. Mostly 5 gallons is okay but sometimes 10 gallons buckets can also be used to practice bucket gardening at home.

Although, we can use a bucket which is available in our home and not in our use or in case if any bucket is not available we can buy it from the nearer shop or buy it from online websites such as Amazon.

2. Drill the Bucket For Gardening

Drainage is the second essential step that you have to take care of while doing bucket gardening. After collecting the bucket make a big hole in the base of the bucket so that air passes from it.

It maintains the nourishment of the soil and if the water is in excess it comes out of the bucket through the hole made at the bottom.

Moreover, it allows the respiration of roots. It doesn’t let the water clog in the bucket and prevent the plant from being spoiled.

3. Preparing the Soil

The major step in bucket gardening is making good soil. Make sure that you do not use the garden soil or topsoil to grow vegetables because this soil is very compact and it can affect the growth of roots of the saplings.

In my opinion, pot soil would be best to grow plants in the container as it has a good number of nutrients and great drainage capacity that avoid clogging of water.

4. Fertilizers

There need some fertilizers to grow your plants in the container. organic fertilizer is most effective in that process. The use of organic or homemade fertilizers could be considered instead of chemical fertilizers. 

Organic compost can be used as fertilizer such as kitchen waste(food waste, garden waste). There are several ways from which organic compost can be prepared at home through simple things.

5. Watering

The growth of any plant is mainly dependent upon the watering provided to them. It simply doesn’t mean that excess watering will make the plant grow more. Instead, it could harm it.

The simple method is to give water in some fixed interval and in minimal quantity. Like watering once a day in the morning. While watering the plant, make sure the upper soil gets soaked in the water.

List of Vegetables We Can Grow In Bucket Garden

Bucket Gardening vegetables

1. Tomatoes

You can grow a decent number of tomatoes in a bucket. A 5-gallon bucket is needed for a single tomato plant. The plant of tomato required 6-8 hours of sunlight. Keep the bucket of tomatoes in a sunny location. However, Tomatoes are highly used in our kitchens on daily basis.

Moreover, these are not only used in cooking but also in making the salad. Because of this, there is a great demand for it on the dining table. So, you can grow them through the bucket gardening process.

2. Beans

Beans are a vegetable that falls in this category and you can grow them in your cute bucket garden. There are different varieties of beans. The most popular varieties of beans are bush beans and vine beans that could be easily grown in buckets.

Bush beans are more suitable in case of buckets gardening because it does not encircle huge space to grow. Approximately 60 days are essentials for harvesting.

3. Peppers

Pepper is of two types sweet pepper and hot pepper. you can grow both of the peppers in your bucket gardening. You can grow the seeds by buying them from the market.

Another way is to pick some healthy peeper open them and mix them with the soil of the bucket.

4. Okra

okra is a vegetable that has a good rate of germination. Germination is the process by which an organism grows from a seed or similar structure. You can pick your favorite variety of okra and buy seeds from the market.

5. Cucumber

The cucumber is a sun-loving plant. the growth of cucumber is not dependent upon its seeds. It can grow seedless also. The plant of cucumber needs some extra support and care.

Make sure you add supporting sticks in the bucket to grow the creepers of the cucumber plant.

6. Carrots

Did you know that tens of carrots can be grown through bucket gardening. By using a 5-gallon bucket you can easily grow 20-25 carrots per bucket. A mostly small variety of carrots is more preferable.

Give the water to the plant and watch them on the regular basis. It takes 65-80 days to harvest.

7. Ginger

Gingers can be grown without buying seeds of ginger from the stores. Put the existing ginger in your bucket and regrow the plant without seedings.

Take some good and healthy-looking ginger and cut it into small pieces, and plant them in the soil. If you ask me ginger is a better option to grow in your buckets.

8. Onions  

The growth of onion in the bucket gardening is very superb. Also, Onions can be grown in the bucket with or without seeds. The plant of onion probably required 6 hours if direct sunlight to grow itself.

9. Beets:

Beets are one of the most essential ingredients which provide health benefits and the growth of beets is not too difficult in bucket gardening. It comes with red, yellow, and albino varieties also.

You can plant them to make your garden look more vibrant and lovely.

9. Spinach:

Spinach can be grown in the bucket while sowing the seeds on the soil or sprinkle some seeds of spinach and push them inside with the finger. Again, Spinach is one of the easy plants to grow in a container.

It hardly needs any further care. Just make sure to water properly and provide sunlight.

10. Potatoes

potatoes are a very essential item its consumption rate is too high. because it’s mainly used in all the vegetables there are special kinds of bags which are used for growing potatoes.

And, they can be grown in your bucket too. So yeah potato is a vegetable worth trying to grow.

11. Radishes

Radishes are the fastest-growing vegetables. You can grow hundreds of radishes in a small bucket or in a 5-gallon bucket. Radishes can be grown directly through the seeds.

Just make sure you provide them with minimum necessary conditions to grow.

12. Peas

when we talk about peas they can be grown while putting the seeds of peas indoor in the tray of seeds. You can also transplant the seeding in your outdoor bucket when they reach 6 -7 inches of length or you can harvest the peas when they get matured.

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The Bottom line From Just Garden Things   

Bucket gardening is the most appropriate method to grow plants for you and your family. If you have backyard issues and not have huge space in your home you can try this method of gardening.  

One can plant the vegetables in the bucket easily through this process of bucket gardening. The major benefit of bucket gardening is that you can give proper sunlight to your plant by moving them from one space to another. through bucket gardening, you can grow many different kinds of vegetables at the lowest cost price.

Also, you will feel a sense of joy while doing bucket gardening and see your plants growing.

You can also share your experience with us and if you like anything about this article, please let us know through the comments section.

Thanks For Reading.

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