Cheap and homemade container gardening ideas

“Container gardening” when we heard the name container gardening the very first thing comes to our mind is container + gardening which indicates the things we need for container gardening is a container(which is used for collecting the goods) and gardening (is the process of growing seeds to prepare the plant and harvest them for use).

For example:- if you want to plant a cucumber fruit for that what you need is a container, soil, and seeds which are first sowed and when it gets sprouts then place in the container. In this way, we plant a cucumber.

Why Container Gardening Becomes Famous These Days?

Container gardening is famous nowadays because through container gardening you can grow your own food by using organic compost.

Also, there are various kinds of fruits and vegetables you can grow your own. Another reason for container gardening is that it eliminates the problem of spacing.

As you can do gardening in small pots as per your space there is no need for the garden for gardening. You can place the container in your bedrooms, drawing rooms, kitchen, balcony, etc anywhere you want to plant them.

Container gardening helps to decorate the container by using different or multiple kinds of colorful pots or containers.

11 Cheap Container Gardening Ideas at Home

Cheap container gardening ideas
Cheap and Homemade Container Gardening Ideas

This gardening is unique container gardening. Here the 14 ideas of cheap container gardening ideas are as follows:

1. Reuse Handbag Gardening Idea

Usage of handbag for gardening is a kind of cheap gardening. as you have a waste handbag in your home, that you can also use as a container. You can hang the bag with the help of its handle.

2. Tire gardening Idea

tire gardening ideas
Tire gardening

If you have old tires or holes in the tire which can not be used for the vehicle, then you need not worry. you can use the tires in the cheap container gardening and paint the tires with different colors to make them pretty.

3. Soft drink bottles Gardening Idea

As children like too many cold drinks or soft drinks and you have the bulk of plastic bottles without throwing them in the dustbin. You can recreate them as a container while doing a hole on it and grow a plant

4. Plastic PVC pipes Gardening Idea

Pipe garden idea
Pipe Gardening Idea

if you think PVC pipes are used in the construction of home only, you may wrong then. If you have waste PVC pipe or pipes of the pipe which is none of use. here I give you the amazing idea that you can do plantation except using expensive pots from the market

5. Paint Bucket Gardening Idea

Buckets are commonly available in everyone’s home. it is one of the best, easy, and cheap container gardening ideas. if you have paint buckets which you keep after painting your home, they can come into use for gardening if you want to do gardening at a cheap cost.

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What you do is just clean the bucket properly. Then make a hole and put soil and plant the root to grow.

6. Coffee mug Gardening Idea

coffee mug garden idea
coffee mug gardening idea

If you have small or medium size cute and colorful mugs in your home so you can do gardening on them at a cheap rate. That will be mostly liked by the children and motivate them to do something new and good for nature.

7. Glass dry Fruit Jars Gardening Idea

glass container garden idea
glass jar gardening idea

Dry fruit jars are easily available in our home. If the lid of the jar became loss and not able to maintain the moisture of the grain then you can use them as a container for gardening. Which does not require much more except the basic requirement.

8. Ice cream box Gardening Idea

Ice cream is the favorite of all group people and a large ice cream box can be used to practice attractive container gardening. Also, you can place it in any location of your home.

9. Clay Pots Gardening Idea

Clay pots are mostly seen in the drawing-room as they are made of clay you have to take care of them. you can use clay pots in case of cheap container gardening.

10. Defected Drawer Gardening Idea

Defected Drawer Garden Idea
Defected Drawer Garden Idea

It is another cheap garden container . what you do is just pick up any defective drawer in your home. Repaint them and it will be in your use as in container gardening.

11. Wheat Sack Gardening Idea

many people grow plant in the wheat sack by doing holes in the sack it is the oldest method of doing plantation

How Can I do Gardening For Cheap?

Container gardening is also called cheap gardening. you can do cheap gardening by using the container which I mentioned in the above heading.

Gardening can be done by using homemade plant containers which is under the cost because there is no need to purchase the container from the market.

You can find the container in your home or the products which are not in any use. Gardening can be done by using inexpensive plant containers. for that what you need is a just a

Container fro gardening
Container/pots For Gardening

1. Container

First, you need a container for the plantation. Selects the container in which you can do gardening. it can be of any kind like you can select any bucket, plastic bottles, defective tire , waste poly bags, pots, jars, glass bottles , clay pots, etc. whatever is available at your home.

2. Drainage hole

Drainage hole is very essential in container gardening because if you don’t do hole on the bottom of the container the air and water did not pass from the soil, as a result, the root of the plant will be destroyed. For doing a drainage hole, you need a drainer.

3. Soil

A healthy plant grows in good soil. so be careful while using the soil for a plant. You can use various kinds of soil for the plant-like cocopeat, vermicompost, and much more which is available in the market. But you can also use cow dung and waste kitchen compost, garden soil as these are of cheap cost did not require to spend much amount on it.

4. Seeds

Seeds are used for planting the vegetables but in some cases, you can also use the roots of the plant or some leaves without using any specific seeds for the plant.

5. Watering

Every plant is different from another so I suggest you give the appropriate water to the plant which is required for them.

Do not overwater the plant, if you do so as the result all the fertilizer and nutrients which are present in the soil passes away from the container, and in the second case if you do under watering so the roots will die without water and which kill or damage them from their roots.

6. Sunlight

You can place the container in the sunlight so that it grows easily. Every plant requires specific sunlight as per the conditions of weather and atmosphere.

What Type of Plants & Vegetables Can I use for Container Gadening?

Vegetable and Fruit in container garden
Vegetable and Fruit in container garden

You can grow many plants and vegetables in your container. There is a craze for container gardening because it will provide you many benefits to your mental and physical health.

As you live in surroundings of greenery in your home which provide you fresh air and consume carbo oxygen and provide peace to your mental health. it provides direct interaction with nature.

But with all this as the rate of expenses increase by day to day activities people have to face many problems for their bread and butter, so this is the best option for everyone to grow your own vegetables in the container with using lesser expenses of growing the food.

As you grow the vegetables you know all about that which seeds were used , is it organic or not . and the most important thing no chemicals were used in that. So it is good for your health.

The list of plants which you can grow is mentioned below

Areca plant

Snake plant

Monkey plant

Gerbera dairy

Chinese evergreen

Spider plant

Broad lady palon

Fiddle leaf fig

Dragon tree

Rubber plant

Bamboo plant

Aloe vera


Golden pothos

Lilly plant

The list of vegetables which you can grow is mentioned below:















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What are the things that used in Container Gardening?

Things to use for container gardening are very obvious a container which is the place where the plant spend their life from beginning to end as the human needs oxygen to survive the plant needs soil for their life.

A container can be of any kind there is no foundation for selecting the container. You can use whatever is available to you whether it can be plastic, ceramic, glass, rubber, wooden all these are free containers for gardening.

For soil preparation, there are no specific requirements you can use cow dung, garden soil, compost, kitchen compost, neem kit powder. Full concentration is required for homemade plant containers as they need extra care for their growth.

To give the proper respiration and air passes a plant needs a space which is known as a drainage hole, which is done in the container with a drainer. Give water on a daily basis to the plant so roots become strong in the future.

Each and every plant needs as per their specifications so before going you must check the plant. The sun provides warmness and light which helps to grow the plant. so all these things keep in the mind for doing container gardening.

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