container gardening irrigation system

What comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Gardening’? Flowers, greenery, scenery, etc. Right? Gardening is an elegant practice in today’s time. Nowadays it is more like a passion than merely a practice.

In almost all the yards of houses, there is a garden. We make a lot of effort to make a garden look like a garden. It is not that we start gardening and just leave it. There are a lot of necessary things that are needed to maintain a proper garden.

Water, sunlight, fertilizers are some of the requirements that meet the needs of a flourishing garden. Unlike sunlight, water and fertilizers are supplied manually. We all know, the process of supplying water to plants is known as irritation.

Watering your plants plays a crucial role in the maintenance of a garden. In every garden, the installation of an irrigation system is mandatory. Otherwise, plants may not bloom up to their full or end up dying.

Since gardening in current times is practiced in almost every households irrespective of whether it is in city or village, the problem comes up for city people as they lack spatial ground area to make a proper garden, so they plant different kinds of plants using containers like a pitcher, tub, bucket, etc. This is called container Gardening.

Container Garden Water System

An irrigation system that is installed to water these container plants is called the container Garden watering system. The plants that are grown in containers are taken care of with special manners, like, as it remains confined to a limited area of soil inside a pot so the amount of water needed for it should also be limited.

Excess or shortage of water can lead to its demise. So the water must be given manually to take care of its limitations. But where is the time for everyone to make it possible? It is, of course, not possible for everyone to carry a water mug daily and then water the plants with an absolute measure.

To overcome this problem, there is again another process to water the plants i.e. Automatic Plant water system. The automatic water system is a system with a sensor installed in it which reads the moisture level of the soil when it senses the low moisture level, it, by itself, gets activated and supplies an adequate amount of water required for the plant.

Once the soil’s moisture level comes to its neutral level, it gets deactivated. In the middle of everyone’s busy and hectic schedule, an automatic water system turns out to be really useful and fruitful. Two major automatic water systems are drip irrigation and Sprinklers. Both are used in the House gardens as well as the farming fields.

Drip Irrigation and Sprinklers

Between drip irrigation and sprinklers, drip irrigation is more advanced and efficient as well. One of the major advantages of this system is that it can be installed in indoor gardens also. In this system, small tubes are fitted in the soil where the plant is planted, the tubes are connected to the water and the soil which acts as a bridge of water, with the help of the automatic sensor, water runs through the tube and gets to the root of the plants.

In a world where a shortage of potable water is a major concern, drip irrigation acts as a boon. Drip irrigation system supplies only needed amount of water to the plant saving a lot of water on a daily basis which could have been gone wasted if done manually.

Drip irrigation is done not only in house gardens (indoor and outdoor) but also in agricultural fields. Depending on the requirements, it has different types. Some come in small size and others come in large size depending upon where it would be installed.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Some of the major benefits of drip irrigations are as follows

• Consumes less time

• Works automatically.

• Saves a sufficient amount of water.

• Since it only gives the necessary amount of water to plants so it results in healthy plants.

• doesn’t trigger Soil erosion.

• No labor cost.

Looking at the advantages, it feels tempting to get one for our garden too but then again questions arise if we know how to install it in our personal garden.

Let us look at that too. To install drip irrigation, we will need the components. The components needed are:-

• First of all, a source of water is required.

• We will need a pipe through which water will flow.

• When water comes from the source, it brings contaminants with it. To prevent its reach to the plants, a filter should be installed.

• A Y-shaped connector can be useful in case one wants water to flow simultaneously in multiple places.

• Supply and header lines should be ½-inch in diameter while lateral lines are ¼-inch.

• To maintain the steady flow of water, there should be a pressure regulator.

• Elbow and T-shaped connectors provide multiple installation options.

• Micro-sprinkler heads function like regular sprinklers at lower pressure and volume.

Besides normal components, Drip irrigation kits are also available for specialized needs. Since they’re designed for specific purposes, kits are very effective when it comes to providing just the right amount of moisture to your garden.

Drip irrigation Kits are:-

• Garden drip watering kits precisely water shrubs, bushes, trees, vines, and vegetables.

• Micro-sprinkler kits are ideal for flowerbeds, groundcover, hillsides, large trees, and any other densely planted areas.

• Use retrofit kits to convert your existing irrigation system to a drip irrigation system.

• Patio kits efficiently water plants in pots and baskets whether on the ground or hanging. • Drip soaker kits are specially designed for irrigating row crops and vegetable gardens. It may be indoor or outdoor, Automatic water system like drip irrigation is useful in every aspect. Gone are the days of carrying water in mug and bucket, now you don’t need to worry about watering plants thinking as extra pressure. If you are thinking about starting your own garden whether indoor or outdoor, you must install an automatic water system and put a contribution to making the world a better place.

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  1. Hi there!
    I planned to overhaul my garden drip hose system and a new timer this spring.
    I never thought of setting something like this up for my house plants!
    I think with a few retrofitted pieces from my fish tank, pump with basic sponge kit, and BAM!
    Home system!
    Thank you for the inspiration!


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