Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes in Home

There are many kinds of tomatoes which you can grow at your home. But, it becomes difficult to choose what type of tomatoes you have to grow. Beefsteak tomatoes are undoubtedly the best. In this learn growing beefsteak tomatoes in home.

They are bigger than that regular tomatoes, but they are also much better in taste than them. These tomatoes weigh over 1-2 lbs. Moreover, these tomatoes are juicier and come in red or pink colors. This variety of tomatoes is much easier to grow than the others.

Varieties Of Beefsteak Tomatoes

growing beefsteak tomatoes
Varities Of BeefSteak tomatoes

Let us now have a look at the different varieties of Beefsteak tomatoes. These are-

Humid Climate Varieties: If you live in a humid climate area then Mortage lifter and Grosse lisse will suit you the most.

Biggest Tomatoes Varieties: The varieties which produce tomatoes around 2-3 pounds are Mr. Underwoods Pink German Giant, Tidwell German, Pink Ponderosa, and Neves Azorean Red.

Super Productive varieties: The varieties which give the best products are chose Marisol Red, Olena Ukrainian, and Royal Hillbilly.

Heirloom Varieties of Beefsteak Tomatoes: The best Heirloom varieties are given by Tappy’s Finest, Richardson, Soldaki, and Stump of the World.

Soil for Best Growth of Beefsteak Tomatoes

Many people would be thinking about what type of soil they should use to have the best growth in Beefsteak tomatoes. It is important to keep in mind that crop rotation should be done to grow the beefsteak tomatoes at their best. The pH value of the soil must be around 6.5 (acidic) as it is the most suitable to grow Beefsteak tomatoes. Moreover, the soil should be kept loose. It can be done easily by adding a mulch of winter cover crop or straw to the soil. Make sure that the soil has not been reused.

Pot for Growing Beefsteak Tomatoes in Home

Beefsteak tomatoes pot selection

A smaller pot would not be giving much more production for beefsteak tomatoes. The ideal pot size should be around 1-2 feet to keep the pot productive. This size is enough to produce one plant of Beefsteak tomatoes. Fabric pots can also be used to grow Beefsteak tomatoes. These pots are both bio-degradable and also non-degradable. It is better to use them as they can also be used again.

Growth Time Of Beefsteak Tomatoes

Growth Beefsteak tomatoes

How much time does it take to grow Beefsteak tomatoes? Time depends upon the variety of Beefsteak tomatoes you have chosen to grow. But, if we look at the average time in which the Beefsteak tomatoes grow, it is usually around 85 days. So, this means that it will take around 85 days for you to harvest your first biggest tomato.

Sowing Seeds

Seed beefsteak tomato

Let us now look at the best time to sow the seeds of Beefsteak tomatoes. Keeping the soil well-drained to make the seeds germinate well is recommended. The best temperature under which the seeds should be sown is around 60-90 degrees Fahrenheit. It usually takes around 6-12 days to begin soil germination. Use small plastic containers at first and when the seedlings grow up to 8 inches, transfer them to the bigger pot.

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Space Required for Beefsteak Tomatoes

The maximum size which these tomatoes can grow is up to 8 feet. This is why it is recommended to grow these plants in a pot and not on land. The only thing needed to hold the plant when it grows is a Trellis. In case it is difficult to arrange trellis, place the pot near a wall. Also, ensure that the walls don’t block the sunlight entering the pot. A trellis can be made easily at home using a few materials and can be brought easily through an online store.

Sunlight requirements

The only question which remains in our minds is the amount of sunlight that the plant requires of beefsteak tomatoes. These plants love to be under the sunlight. On average, these plants require at least 8 hours of sunlight every day. If you live in a crowded area with huge buildings, then it is recommended to change the position of pots in case the shadow of anything falls on them.

Moisture requirements

Let us now look at the amount of moisture required by these types of plants to grow. It is important to give these plants a constant supply of moisture which will help them grow at their best. If there is less than 1 inch of rain per week, you have to water the beefsteak tomatoes plants every day.

Protection from Frost

It has been mentioned earlier that Beefsteak tomatoes require sunlight to grow at their best. Therefore, it can be concluded that frost is very harmful to this plant. Even a small amount of frost is enough to kill this plant. In this case, the frost blankets would help you to keep the pot in one place and don’t replace it every time frost comes.

Diseases and Pests

A few precautions need to be taken while growing Beefsteak Tomatoes. If these precautions are not taken, the plant will be vulnerable to diseases. The precaution which needs to be taken is crop rotation. If crop rotation is not followed, the pests like tomato hornworms, rodents, aphids, flea beetles will harm the plant. If you are growing this plant in pots, you don’t need to be worried about the same.

How to Protect Beefsteak Tomatoes


There are several ways to protect your Beefsteak tomatoes. Some of them are-

  • If pests have attacked the plant, use a hard water stream to remove them.
  • The other way to remove them is by handpicking them from the plant.
  • Watering the beefsteak plants regularly will be helpful in removing fungal diseases and rots from the plant.
  • Make sure that the soil is not waterlogged.
  • Also, ensure that the weeds are removed from the plant as they would also harm the plant.

Harvesting of Beefsteak Tomatoes

The best time to harvest the beefsteak tomatoes is when they are fully ripened. When it is fully ripened, it means that it is now full of nutrients and juice. It is not recommended to harvest the plants early and then wait for the process of ripening.

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