How to Grow Avocado From Seed

The easy method which I am going to tell you will help you successfully germinate your own avocado seed in as little as 10 days! Read this post on “How to Grow Avocado From Seed” and grow your own at home.

To grow avocado from seed, all you have to do is fill a pot with rich compost, press the pits into it, and wait for the seeds to sprout and produce roots.

Easy Way to Grow an Avocado Seed

There is an easy way to grow an avocado seed in the nursery.


Prepare The Seed

Prepare The Seed. You will need one ripe avocado fruit, a paper towel, and a plastic food bag. Remove the seed (pit) from a fresh, ripe avocado. Don’t use a knife, because it may damage the seed.

The seeds should be lightly cleaned by rubbing them with a dry toothbrush or wooden spoon in a circular motion. Once the flesh is removed, wrap the seed in a clean damp paper towel or tea towel.

Put the seed into a plastic bag (do not zip-shut) and store it in a dark place at room temperature.


Watch For Growth

Check on your seed every 4 days. Ensure that the towel should be damp all these days. After a week or two you will start to notice the germination of seeds. If you keep a paper towel moist around your seedlings, it simply helps them to germinate. This is a great way to monitor your seeds for growth.

Once the seed begins to germinate, it slowly cracks open, revealing a split, and, eventually, roots will form inside of the seed. Do not separate the seed: the seed body feeds the root growth, and the roots are delicate, so carefully handle the seed without breaking the seed apart.

When the seeds form sprouts you will notice, that some have long roots and some have short comparatively. It is possible that more than one root coming out from the seed at the same time. I’ll give these seeds one more month and then plant the ones that have grown the most.

It’s important to remember that not all sprouted avocado seeds look exactly the same. There are so many crazy variations! Don’t worry, the plant will sort them out later.

When the root is about 3 inches long, the seed is ready for planting in a flower pot. Keep reading for how to plant your sprouted seed.

How to Plant a Sprouted Avocado Seed

avocado from seeds


  • Sprouted Avocado Seeds
  • inch flower Pot with a drainage hole at the bottom
  • Indoor Potting Mix for Houseplants

Plant The Sprouted Seed

When planting a sprouted seed indoors, the first thing you want to do is to plant it in a good potting mix that is half the size of the pot. Make sure there are no dead seeds or roots and use a sharp pair of scissors to cut the top off the seed so it’s even with the surface of the potting mix. Then, handle it with care and don’t push on it. The soil should be packed tightly around the seed to help it germinate.

There’s no evidence that this works to make plants grow bushier, or more strongly. The roots might just be growing in all different directions and/or you may not be able to tell a root from a shoot.

As it starts to germinate, make sure to keep the soil slightly moist, but not wet. Check the soil often to be sure that the soil doesn’t dry out too much. While steadying the seed, gently press down the potting mix and add more as needed, leaving the top inch of the seed above soil level.

Start by planting your seeds in peat pots, as it gives you more flexibility to move them around. Then, just add enough soil to fill the pot. Water, and keep the soil moist at all times, but be careful not to overwater. Put the plant in a warm, draft-free area with bright light.

Leaves will grow as the tree grows.


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Caring for Your Avocado Plant

Grow Avocado from Seeds
Care for Avocado Plant

Keep up on avocados. They are hardy perennials, and they thrive in climates that have warm winter temperatures. However, if you’re growing avocados inside your home or garden, you should move them into the greenhouse when the weather starts getting cooler.

Avocados are like many tropical houseplants, which prefer bright indirect light. They need plenty of water and like to be kept in a cool, shady spot. Avocados are very sensitive to wet feet, so you should never leave a pot of avocados sitting in a wet place.

When indoor temperatures are low, 50 degrees or less, It’s important that plants in colder temperatures have bright indirect light and a humidifier. Plants may need watering more often during this time of year.

The lack of humidity in the winter may cause leaves to fall off the tree. You need to water the avocado plant often so that the soil is moist but not soaking wet, to prevent root rot.

A plant moisture reader will also check the levels of your watering schedule. it’s important to know if you’re watering enough. Check the drainage, and make sure your pots have good airflow and can get air circulation around the roots.

You can save yourself a lot of money on watering by monitoring the amount of water that your plants need, and not giving them anything more than that. Watering once or twice a week is enough in the summer, and as much as once a week or more in the winter, when you can be more generous with your water bills.

A good way to keep your avocado tree from producing suckers is by pruning back the growth in early spring.

Pest prevention. Neem oil is an effective insecticide. Apply organic neem oil on a weekly or monthly basis to help prevent pest problems, including whiteflies, aphids, and ants. The neem oil bottle will have proper application instructions; try using it in a spray bottle for even application.

Frequently Asked Questions on Growing Avocados From Seed

How to tell the top of the seed from the bottom?

The top of an avocado seed is pointed or tapered. And the bottom of the seed is usually round and broader. The roots (usually) comes out from the bottom but not always. Plant the seed with the bottom in the soil and root aiming towards the pot.

How long to grow avocado from seed?

While growing avocado from seed, all you need is to keep patience. Because it takes six to eight weeks to get a sprout.

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