How to Grow Basil In Container at Home

Basil is a herb, which is also called “sweet basil”. Basil is the most commonly grown herb in the house. It is also used in many medicines. And, basil is mostly grown in the summer season because it is a hot-season plant.

Basil contains the most important soluble flavonoid antioxidants. For diabetics people, basil is like medicine because it controls diabetes. Also, Basil contains oils such as citronellal and linalool which are beneficial for the body.

Also, It helps to lower inflammation. Basil consumption works as an antibiotic as it kills stomach worms. It is good for liver and gallbladder functions.

Now, Let’s dive straight into the main topic- How to grow basil in a container at home?

How to Grow Basil Without Soil at Home?

How to Grow basil at home
How to grow basil at home

Don’t have soil to grow basil? No need to worry. Here I will tell you how you can grow basil without soil.

So let’s started first of all you need polystyrene or thermal sheet or any material which floats in the water that is long-last or will not damage in water.

This is also known as the hydroponic method which does not require much care and attention.. to grow basil with this method, first, you cut some leaves of healthy basil.

Basil is also known for immunity which is why it is called an immunity booster. It contains high antioxidant which helps to reduce stress. For growing basil, rainwater is good but if you don’t have rainwater then fill the container with water over one night.

Use 50 ml fertilizer for 1 liter water and it can be 100 ml for the 2-liter water. And then do some holes in the thermal sheet and place the cutting of basil over them after 6 days. The basil growth will start. Spray pesticides If any black spot occurs upon the leave of the basil.

How to Prepare Fertilizer For Basil?

There are two ways through which you can prepare your own homemade fertilizer which is good for all kinds of plants.

First, one is using kitchen compost and puts 500 ml water upon them and placing it in the container, and providing 4 -7 days of sunlight to them after that fertilizer is ready to use.

The second one is to use 1 teaspoon vermicompost over 500 ml water only.

How to Grow Basil Indoor?

How to Grow basil indoor
Grow Basil Indoor

For growing basil 12 -13 inch container is required. It should have big holes in it. For making the soil use 70% normal soil and 30% organic compost.

You can also add sand because sand gives a good structure to the basil plant. To make good soil you can also add some cow dung to it.

After preparing the soil for the plant next step is selecting of leaves for the basil or using some seedlings because it helps to grow.

Put the seedlings in the middle of the bowl. If the seedlings are not straight give them some support to it with a small stick and after that put some water in the soil.

After that, you must keep this thing in your mind do not place the container direct in the sunlight. After planting keep it in the 4 to 5 days in shadow. So that it will not burn. As the plant is small and not fully developed, it can not be able to handle the stress that comes out from the sunlight as a result it will burn.

After a few days you can place it in the window side if you want to plant it inside. A Minimum of 6 to 8 hours of sunlight is essential.

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How to Grow basil in Pot?

How to grow basil in pot
How to grow basil in a pot

You can grow basil in a pot as its size is small so you can put the pot in a small area as the plant is small it can survive in the pot easily.

For that, you need just some soil from the garden and some compost any cutting of the basil which is planted inside the pot, and give some water for the plant. You must give some excess water in the summer season as the heat damage its root so it will remain wet drain.

How to Grow Basil from Cutting

For growing basil from the cutting, you just need a healthy plant of basil and then cut some fresh leaves of basil with some care. Only cut the leave from the top for the growth of the basil.

Then choose the container and fill it with soil. However, 4-5 cutting is okay if you want to grow the basil with cutting. They do some holes in the soil and place the cutting in the soil. This is the easiest and fastest-growing method.

How to Grow Basil in Container?

A container is used for larger growth of the basil as the growth of basil is increased in the pot you can shift it to the bigger container. For that, you first prepare the soil and place the cutting of healthy basil in the soil.

Or you can grow the basil in the container with the seedling of existing basil and buy the roots of the basil which is also a good option for the growth of the basil.

How to Grow Basil from seeds?

Basil can be grown with the help of seeds which you can buy from The market .for doing growth of basil from the seeds what you need is a container and the perfect soil.

Then spread some seeds in the container and spray a little bit amount of water on them. Again make a thin layer of soil upon the seeds and put water in the soil again.

After 6-7 days You see the result as the seeds sprout and new leaves start developing.

When to Plant Basil?

Basil is a hot-weather plant you can plant basil in the summer season so that it can grow better. Mainly 60-70 Degrees Farhenheit is used for the preparation of soil. If the soil maintains the temperature for the plant then you can shift the cutting or seed in the container.

As it needs 6-7 hours of sunlight. As the winter season comes its leaves become dry or damaged. Stems of the basil plant change their colors. So far that basil must be at its temperature for the lighting can also be done.

In the summer season give some extra water to the root so that it will not become dry. Do not give over water or over sunlight, it will cause the destruction of the plant.

How to Harvest basil?

You must harvest the basil when it reaches its 4-6 inch leaves. That is the maximum length of the basil. Prune the top leaves of the basil on regular basis.

It helps to improve the growth of the plant. You can harvest the plant of basil in the winter season but it will reside or live in that temperature, so before it will go to damage you can harvest the basil.

How to store basil?

How to Store Basil
How to Store basil

Basil is an annual plant but it will no longer live in the whole annual year. If you plant the basil in the ground it will be 6 months In which. They can survive after that it starts destroying and 4-months life in the case if you want to plant them in a pot or container.

Now the question arises how you can store the basil? for that, you can prove the leaves of the basil and grow It in a container or cut the leaves and wrap it in foil paper or a plastic bag in which air does not cross and place it in the refrigerator for some 6 -7 days.

How Much Space does Basil Need to Grow?

You can grow basil within a 12-14 inch pot or container and it is enough. As you can also grow the basil on the ground or in plastic bottles also. There is no specific space is required for the growth of the plant.

One can use easily anything which is available to you .as the growth of the basil is increased you have to shift it to another container. Because if you don’t do that it will result in over or double of leaves in which insects mainly attacked. So the plant must be well-grown and pruned from time to time.

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