How to Grow green beans in container

Green bean is a common staple vegetable across the country. Gardeners with space issues can easily grow it in containers. I believe that this article will help you on how to grow green beans in the container.

Moreover, They are also known as French beans, string beans, snap beans, so and so. Green bean is a type of common bean & it can also be in yellow or purple colour. Green bean is native to North, south and central America.

They grow year-round but the peak season is between May to October.

Green beans are one of the healthiest food in the world. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, it contains folate and soluble fibre. Consume it for burning your belly fat.

Growing Green Beans at Home

green beans at home
Grow green bean at home

With its nutritional value, it is also easy to grow the plant. It can be grown both indoors and outdoor at your convenience. It is easily adaptable in pots or any other container.

The main two types of Green beans are-

• Bush Beans

• Pole Beans

Bush beans are mainly known for their short period harvesting. It takes less time to grow. So amateur gardeners from across the world often prefer bush beans to grow.

bush bean container
Bush Beans

They are also known as Dwarf beans because of their short height.  They grow in bushes up to two feet and it doesn’t even need trellising.

Some of the widely grown bush beans varieties are contender, Kentucky bean purple teepee, top crop.

Pole Beans, unlike bush beans, don’t stand stiff. They are tall and need support to climb up while growing. So it needs trellising.

pole bean container
Pole Beans

It grows faster and vertically with the support of a nearby pole. It is an ideal plant to grow for a true gardener.

Some of the widely used pole beans varieties are Blue lake, Kentucky wonder, Algrave, Golden Gate.

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Growing green beans in Container-

The first thing you have to check while choosing the perfect container is its depth. It should be appropriate enough for the roots of the beans to fit in physically. The depth may vary from beans to beans.

In case it is Pole bean variety, depth would be up to 8-9 inches, and bush bean variety needs at least 6-7 inches.

Well, drainage is important in the growth of beans. Make holes in the bottom of the containers but make sure they are not big enough that the soils lose out.

Preparing soil-

It is important to prepare a suitable soil composition before growing any plants. Green beans are well grown in fertile, moisture-retained soil rich in organic matters.

To make your own potting fix, follow the below-given steps-

1. Combine an equal amount of compost, garden loam, and clean, coarse builder’s sand.

2. Add some organic manure to the soil and mix thoroughly.

3. Alternatively, You can also go for peat moss or compost with pasteurised soil and perlite.

4. The green beans prefer soil with pH levels between 6.0 and 7.0. Use the pH strips to find out the pH values of soil.

5. Mix them all well in the container and it is ready.

Favourable environment-

• Beans usually grow in temperate or subtropical climates as annuals. They prefer warm weather with the surrounding temperature being between 65°F and 85°F.

• The ideal soil temperature for the sprouting of beans is between 70°F and 80°F. Instability in soil temperature may lead the soils to rot.

• The green beans need plenty of sunlight to grow healthy i.e. minimum of 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.


Green beans are suitable to grow during the period of warm-season in early spring. Beans are not suitable for cold weather. Hence, make sure you sow it pre or post winters.

While you put the seeds inside the soil, follow the given simple steps-

• Place the seeds within 2  inches of the top layer of the prepared soil in the container.

• Support is required if it is pole beans.  Otherwise, if it is bush beans, no support is required. So set up support depending upon the variety.

Placement and Watering

watering green bean
watering green bean

• Place the container in the spot where it can directly receive plenty of sunlight.

• Water them regularly for the first 2 to 3 weeks to ensure absolute moisture. After then you can water them only when they look dry.

• Take care of the weeds while they grow and keep them away from strong wind.

Maintenance of Green Beans

Green beans require a little bit of maintenance too. It doesn’t include too much hard work, just some little points to remember and that’s all. Care of green beans include

1. Watering them regularly

2. Providing sunlight

3. Feeding with required compost from time to time.

4. Removing weeds.

All the above steps are included in taking care of the green bean plant. It hardly includes any typical work. just some casual and basic points to follow so that they can grow well.

Duration of growth and Harvesting

It usually takes 60-70 days to grow but it may vary depending upon the variety. You can start harvesting after about 60 days. First, Look after the beans if it has grown about 3-4 inches long then start plucking.

otherwise, wait so that it grows well and then pluck it.

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