How to grow green chilies in pots at home

Hello guys, today we are discussing the topic: How to Grow Green Chillies in pots Just remember that the successful way of growing any plant at home is to give proper light hours, plenty of water, space, nutrients, etc.

Although, Green chilies grow well in the containers or pots at home as I said they require proper care, in order to grow. So, without wasting any time, here is the step-by-step guide that will help you grow chilies in pots at home.

How to Grow Green Chillies at Home?

1. Selection of Pots or Containers

For growing green chilies indoors first thing you require a good container. so that fully grows in his own capacity.

As you know there are multiple containers available in the market but I suggest you buy 18-20 inch containers that can be sufficient to grow green chilies.

However, if any 18 -20 inch container is not available then you can use 16-18 inches also. The homemade container can also be used if it is available to you.

2. Making Soil for the Green Chilies

The process of making soil for the plant is a very important process all the growth of the plant is dependent upon the soil.

Green chilies require a plant is of good drainage and a set of nutrients which is essential for a plant means water should not be stuck in the container as you spread some water in the container the soil absorb that and shifted towards roots and the excess water drained out of the container.

3. Adding Sea Sand into the Soil

Sea sand is mixed in the soil of the green chilies. the reason behind using sea sand is the help of the soil to do drainage in a good manner. I suggest you mix the sand in the soil a few months ago before planting the plant and converting it into a container. To overcome the problem of average drainage, sand is mixed in the soil. If the potassium does not reside in the soil of green chilies that add some fertilizer to maintain the potassium.

4. Add Some Ingredients in Green Chilies Soil

For making the soil of green chilies you need organic compound, fertilizer, neem kit powder.

It can be 5 -10 gm all these are used to protect your plant from the different kinds of pesticides and make a cover on the plant.

You can check the pH level of the green chilies so that plant grows very well. mainly 6.5 -7 pH level is okay for the soil.

5. Require Sunlight for the green Chilies Plants

If you are planting the green chilies plant indoors so place it near the window of the room or balcony because green chilies require direct 5 – 6 hour sunlight on daily basis for growth.

6. Select Green Chilies Seeds:

spread 2 to 3 green chilies seeds in one container or mixed them in soil. after that put a thin layer of soil again upon the seeds.

7. Watering:

The next turn is of water to work in the process of growing green chilies for germinating the seeds water is necessary.

Give water on a daily basis. seeds will be germinated after 2 -4 weeks seeds will sprout when the soil is moist not in dry soil. So keep the soil is moist not in dry soil. so keep the soil wet or do not over-water it.

8. Pick up the try for seedling:

You can buy the tray of seedlings in this you can sprout multiple seeds in one tray. Make sure that the seeding tray must have drainage well as the seeds sprout and grow in the tray. You can skip this process.

9. Transplant in container:

If you use a seeding tray for growing the seeds after few months when the seeds sprout. you just pick up the seeds with its root and transfer them into the container. make sure its roots and soil did not damage.

10. Sprinkle water:

After transplanting the plant make sure that give water to the plant on the daily basis. After a few months, the plant will fully be grown and it provides us with fresh green chillies.

When to Grow Green Chilies?

Green chilies are a warm-season plant most people grow in the month of April. January and February month are mainly for soaking the seeds of the green chilies. 18 -21 degrees C temperature is required for seeds sporulation.

Then make the soil for that make the soil in the 4 portions. 1 part sand sea, 1 part organic compost, 1 part garden soil, 1 part kitchen waste.

Also, put some amount of warm water in the seeds over the night or pack the seeds in a tight container or plastic bag and seeds will be germinated.

Seeds grow when the both of the two possibility meets which are hot weather and vermiculite. Almost in warm seasons, 10 -14 days is required for seed germination. And in this, you can say that green chilies are a hot weather lover plant.

Things to keep in your Mind while Growing Green Chilies

As you know green chilies are warm-weather plants so always keep them in hot temperature. Avoid placing them in cold or windy weather. The temperature of the plant must be maintained as the change in temperature occurs the plant will be damaged.

Green chilies grow in bright light and water. These are their basic essentials to grow naturally. Yes, it is a hot season plant but it does not mean always place them in direct sun. Only 5 -6 hours of sunlight is necessary, not more than that.

After noon time change the location of the plant. Do not overheat or narrow heat, the temperature must be the same and never changed. Otherwise, it will affect the growth of the plant.

When the seeds fully sprout then only shift them in the container with extra care. Avoid giving over watering to the plant, it will spread out the nutrients from the container.

Fertilizer and Pesticides Required For Growing Chilies

Green chilies are affected by aphids. it is a pesticide that affects the body of the plant. Give wood ash 1 time after 30 days.

Wood ash a good source of potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, calcium, and many more nutrients.

Cow dung cake liquid fertilizer uses it after 15 days water of cow dung as 300 ml for 10 L pot.

Harvesting Green Chilies

Green chilies normally develop completely somewhere in the range of 75 and 80 days. At the point when you collect chilies wear hand gloves to shield your hands from the zesty oils.

Clip off the scissors at its stem with some scissors or pruning shears by plunging and permitting them to air dry prior to cutting. Wash the chilies prior to eating them.

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