how to grow lettuce indoors?

Lettuce is the leaves that are mainly used for salad. With the consumption of lettuce, you can defend yourself from the attack of diseases. With this, let us see how to grow lettuce indoors?

Moreover, Lettuce helps to hold the spreading of the cells of breast cancer and leukemia. It contains vitamin C. Also, it prevents people from heart disease. Lettuce balances the acid of the body and destroys the toxins so that person remains healthy.

How to grow lettuce inside home ?

grow lettuce indoors
Grow Lettuce Indoors

Lettuce can be easily grown inside the house as there would be no issue of space while growing them inside. You can easily plant them in containers, plastic bottles, hanging baskets, etc.

However, it is a fast-growing plant it just requires perfect soil for its growth. Mostly, there are two types of lettuce Romaine(Red) and Rapids(green).

Moreover, you can use it after a week for salad. Seedlings trays can be used if you want to grow lettuce plants at a time with different types.

Which soil fertilizer is used while growing Lettuce Indoors in Soil ?

For making the soil of the lettuce you need perfect well-drained soil. So that 60% normal soil and 40% compost mix it well and buy the seeds of the lettuce.

As I mentioned above about the seedlings tray, fill it with the soil and use one stick or pencil to make a hole in the soil mixture.

First, Put the 2 -3 seeds in each tray of your choice. Also, Keep in mind that lettuce seeds won’t germinate in soil that is 80 degrees F or above 25 degrees Celsius or warmer, so there’s no sense in sowing directly in the garden in the summer.

Second, cover the seeds with a thin layer of potting mix. Use your hand to gently cover the soil. And the next step is water, for that use the plastic bottles and make a hole on the top of the bottle shield so that water spread in less amount and evenly spread on all the seedlings.

Third, Place the tray near a sunny window and keep the potting mix moist at all times. If you let it dry out, these seeds may not be able to grow.

How long lettuce take to grow indoors ?

After putting the seeds in the seedling tray with soil mixture 7-8 days later, a little bit amount of lettuce starts to germinate. Past 12 days, its growth can be seen normally.

After 21 – 24 days it grows up to 2 to 4 inches. Then take a big shallow pot with drainage holes at the bottom. Cover them with small stones or gravels and fill them with the potting mix.

Potting mix = 60% normal garden soil + 40 % organic compost

Grow lettuce indoors
#Indoor Lettuce

Do this step carefully, just press it from the bottom and the whole root ball will pop out easily. Make a hole in the potting mix, just deep enough to plant the roots balls underground. Place them into the holes.

Gently put soil around the roots so that the same depth they were in the trays. Keep a gap of 5-6 inches between the plant. After 3 weeks plants started growing at high speed. Water the plants thoroughly and in cold weather, you can put the container in sunlight.

But not suggested for a hotter season. It will burn the soil and the leaves of the lettuce, so all these things are essential when you plant lettuce. After a week check the soil and make sure soil and make sure soil remains moist but is well-drained for that soften the soil after every 4 – 5 days by digging up the top layer of soil. Almost After 15 -20 days the lettuce leaves are fully prepared.

Also, After every 20 -25 days must add some nitrogen-rich organic fertilizer such as vermin compost and cow dung manure so that the growth of the lettuce remains consistent.

What temperature Lettuce required grow indoors?

Temperature Lettuce Indoors
#Temperature lettuce indoors

Lettuce is a cool-season crop that grows well in the spring and fall. They require a temperature below 25 degrees Celcius  / 77 F for the seeds to germinate. You can start to harvest lettuce in no time about 6- 7 weeks for most of the varieties.

It is super easy to grow and produce, similar to spinach. You do not need a lot of space to grow them. After planting the lettuce always remember that in winters keep them in direct sunlight but if the climate is warm then keep your pot in partial shade for better growth. Also, keep the soil a little moist at all times.

How to regrow  lettuce with just water ?

Lettuce regrow in water
#lettuce regrows in water

To regrow the lettuce easily you just need water for starting the process. Take lettuce and cut it from the bottom of a few inches fill the glass with water and place the lettuce in the glass. Fill a couple of water so that it covered the half-inch of the lettuce.

Change the water after one day. Freshwater is required for that first pick the lettuce and throw the previous water and put some fresh water. Wash the lettuce which you are using.

After 3- 4 days new leaves of the lettuce start growing after a week or 10 days. it grows up to 7 -8 inches of new lettuce leaves.

Benefits of Eating Lettuce

Reduction of bone fracture :-

The consumption of lettuce helps to reduce the risk of bone fracture as it contains vitamin K which helps to make your bone strong and provide strength to it.

Increase Hydration

As we all know consumption of water helps to increase the hydration of the body. But some people consume less water for the lettuce is great to supplement which is full of nutrients and maintains the hydration of the body.

Keep Eyes Secure

An eye is the sensitive part of the body due to the workload it gets affected the most. It helps in eyesight and prevents eye-related problems.

Consume as you like

There is no compulsion of using or eating. The lettuce which is described to you can be eaten as raw for salad, for rolls. Which can also be used with beans and seafood.

Types of lettuce

types of lettuce
#types of lettuce

Romaine Lettuce

Iceburg Lettuce

Butter Lettuce

Red and Green Lettuce

Devils Lettuce

Types of lettuce  salad:

Lettuce & Tomato salad

Apple & Lettuce salad

Best simple Tossed green salad

Ultimate garden salad

Vegetable salad

Jordon’s Romaine salad

Easy garden salad

Mixed vegetable salad

Italian chopped salad

Leafy green salad

Simple lettuce salad

Tossed salad

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Types of lettuce Grow Easily indoors

Crisphead Lettuce

Ice burg lettuce is also known as crisphead lettuce. It seems like cabbage or its structure is shown like cabbage. Here I describe all the ingredients which are available in it  14 % calories, 2% iron, 3% vitamin C, 20% vitamin K, 3% vitamin A, 3% potassium, 1% fiber, 1 gram of fiber.

Romaine Lettuce

COS  is a famous name for romaine lettuce. It is a combination of small leaves and various vegetable leaves. In the spring season sometimes it became red in color. list of nutrients available in it are 17 calories , 5% iron , 5% potassium , 48 % vitamin A , 85%  vitamin K ,  4% vitamin C , 7% manganese , 2% grams fiber .

Butterhead Lettuce

The leaf is so soft than another lettuce leaf that’s why it is named butterhead leaf lettuce. There are two types of butterhead which are Bibb and Boston Lettuce. It leaves like flower type which is deep green in color. 13 calories, 1.5 gram protein, 1 gram fiber, 8% iron, 4% vitamin C, 85% vitamin K.

Leaf Lettuce

Their leaf is crispy, red, or dark green in color. Its head does not grow like other lettuce. You can eat it in many ways such as in wraps, in salads, or in sandwiches, or keep them in plastic bags in the refrigerator for some time usage.

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