Growing Mint: How to Grow Mint Without Soil at Home?

Hello Readers, hope you all are planting well at your homes. Well, we are back with our new article on “How to grow mint at home without soil?” wanna know? Let’s dive in.

How To Grow Mint at Home in Water?

growing mint in bowl
Mint in bowl

You can grow mint in your home on your own without using soil. There are two types of mint you can grow small leaf and normal mint leaf. These are aromatic plants you must grow. Also, Mints are a very fast-growing plant.

How to Plant Mint at Home?

You can grow mint for that, use some leaf of mint from another plant or buy it from the market.

To start the process you need these specific items which are as follows:

  • Mint leaf
  • Colander
  • Container
  • Scissor
  • Kitchen organic compost

Use scissors to cut the lower leaf so that root can grow here. You can plant the mint in any kind of bottle, glass, pot, container, or bucket.

This kind of plant needs low maintenance. As you are a beginner and don’t have enough knowledge of how to do the planting. so guys this article is for you. You must try once and see the result.

Steps for Growing Mint at Home

growing mint in water

First, remove the lower leaf from the cutting.

Then take the colander if it is available at your home and fixed all the cutting in the colander hole properly.

So in this way the branches of mint come out from the colander, then

Take a container that consists of 50% of normal water and 50 % of rainy water as it consists of minerals.

After 7 days leaves of plant mint started to grow.

After 15 days the container will fill with all the mint leaves.

Where to keep Mint Plant Container?

As you know some plant requires excess water and sunlight for their growth but in the case of the mint plant, Keep the pot in full sunlight as they need 5 – 6 hours of direct sun daily.

Add water daily in the morning or when the layer of soil feels dry to the touch.

How Fast Does Mint Grow?

growing mint
mint growing in the garden

Mint starts to grow as you follow all steps for the growth of the mint . The growth of mint can be increased by using organic compost for the plant.

Use kitchen compost and mix the equal ratio of water. keep it aside for 5 days.

After 5 days fertilizer will be ready for use. if you want to buy ready-made hydroponics fertilizers as well.

You can keep the hydroponic fertilizers for 2 – 3 months for use.

A 50-liter fertilizer mix is used for 1-liter water. If you don’t have a measuring cup you can use another cup for estimation.

The alternative to organic compost is VERMICOMPOST.

You can use the Vermicompost in this Quantity

1-liter water

1 spoon of vermicompost

After 1 week change the water and mix the fertilizer.

When to Harvest Mint From Container?

During winters mint plant goes into dormancy and their top part will die off but their roots will survive and will regrow the following spring.

Trim off the top 2-inch growth. This will encourage new healthy growth.

Remove all the dead leave and stems to allow more air and light penetration.

Make a cut just above the leaf node.

Problems Occurred When Mint Planting in Water

The cuttings became dark it stopped the growth of the mint. the most probable cause is the hardness of
the water. You can keep water overnight in an open area to make it usable.

Now you can plant it in soil or a container to grow in water.
You have to change the water and clean the pot once a week.

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Tips to keep reminded While Growing Mint In Container

The container must not be transparent.

Fill the water to just touch the bottom of the colander.

Always collect cuttings from the healthy mother plant.

If you do the right procedure it grows mint is just like a piece of cake.

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