How to grow spinach indoor

If you want to make your salad green then Spinach is one of those things which you surely have to include. But there are many problems which you might face having spinach available.

Sometimes it is not easily available at the markets. While the other times, you can also try growing spinach at home. Growing spinach at home is the best and most convenient way to have good quality spinach available to you.

Technological advancement has helped us to plant spinach or other vegetables at any time during the year. Let us have a look at how you can grow spinach indoors without any issues.

Growing Spinach Indoors

Growing spinach indoors

Container selection

The first thing which comes to mind before growing spinach is the type of pot in which it should be grown. Ideally, it is preferred that spinach should be grown in a medium-sized pot. But, the type of pot which you will choose also depends on the variety of Spinach which you have chosen to grow.

Some spinach, come with big leaves so they would require bigger pots to grow them. This spinach produces bigger leaves due to which they require bigger pots to grow in. There are many other substitutes that you can prefer for growing spinach in a pot. You can also go for growing it in a bucket of paint or other things like that.

However, it is recommended to grow Spinach in grow bags which are also most used while growing plants indoors. Moreover, these plants are affordable and also they are environment friendly.

This is the only reason why people mostly prefer using these containers to grow spinach or any other type of veggies indoors. Grow bags are also of two types. It can be either biodegradable or non-degradable.

It is strongly recommended to use non-degradable bags as they can be used multiple times. Raised bags can also be used as they act as a great substitute for Grow bags.

Soil Preparation

The next thing which is of utmost importance while growing spinach at home is the preparation of soil. But before that, it is important to know which soil would be most suitable for growing spinach indoors.

There are a few cases in which the soil depends upon the type of pots chosen to grow spinach. For example, if you have chosen grow bags or pots, then you should not use the topsoil of the garden to grow Spinach.

Even if you are growing spinach outdoors in pots or even in your garden, you should make sure that you won’t use the topsoil as it is not good for growth.

The spinach plant requires a lot of nutrients which can be mostly acquired by the soil which we use. Unfortunately, the topsoil of the garden is not having enough nutrients through which we can grow spinach indoors.

But, now the question comes, which soil should we use in order to grow the best spinach at home? The answer to the same is Potting soil. As the name suggests, this soil has been made specially to grow plants inside containers or pots.

Along with that, this soil is enough to give nutrients to the spinach for many months. This soil won’t be much costly if you buy it in bulk.

Spacing Care

The only thing which leads to bad yield is the spacing problem. Many people who grow vegetables in their homes have no knowledge about the spacing which they have to give to the vegetables in order to make them grow in a nice way. The space which needs to be given between each plant depends on the variety of plants which you have chosen.

growing spinach indoors

However, it is recommended to have at least 3 inches of space in order to let the spinach grow easily and without any issues.

In case the variety which you have chosen produces big leaves, then it is recommended to have a space of at least 5 inches between each of these plants. Another type of spinach that people like to grow is baby spinach.

This type of spinach requires to have only 2 inches of space between the plants and also this spinach can be harvested earlier as compared to the others. But this spinach, as the name suggests, is much smaller in size as compared to the other spinach varieties available.

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Many people have issues with space while growing vegetables in their homes. Along with that, they get worried that their plants won’t be able to grow up to their expectations.

However, this problem can also be easily solved. So, pruning is the one and only solution to this problem through which the spinach can be grown without any issues with the spacing care.

Pruning can be easily done through the pruning shears which can be easily made available to you through online stores. You can even visit retail stores but the chances of getting them at retail stores are much less than at online stores.

With the help of pruning shears, you will be able to harvest the leaves before they turn bitter in taste. The leaves start turning bitter in taste when they start producing yellow and also green flowers.

These flowers indicate that the leaves have not been harvested at the right time. So, it is recommended to harvest the leaves at the right time otherwise the spinach won’t be good to eat and would taste bitter.


harvesting spinach indoors

The main thing which people should be keeping in their minds is the right time at which they should harvest the spinach plant. The time of harvesting spinach plants typically depends on the type of spinach plant which you have chosen.

Along with that, the harvesting time also depends on whether the person wants to have baby spinach or full-grown spinach leaves.

On average, the spinach takes around 25 to 45 days of time to grow at its best level and be ready for the harvest. It is always recommended to harvest the outer leaves of the plants. The reason behind the same is that the inner leaves would be then able to get ready for the next harvest.

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