How to Grow Strawberries in Pots at Home

Who doesn’t like strawberries? Strawberries are juicy fruit which is mostly liked by all ages of people. Ever think of How to grow strawberries in pots or containers at home? If yes, then you are landed on the right page.

The flavor of the strawberry is so strong that’s why it is used in milkshakes, ice cream, cakes, jams, etc.

Strawberry is mostly grown in the winter season and consuming strawberry has many benefits such as it consists of vitamin c which heals and boosts up your immunity. Also, It has antioxidants that protect your eyes.

And Vitamin C provides shield your eyes from the harmful direct sunlight. It helps to fight against cancer and build your cells stronger. It removes the wrinkles of the face which is good for your skin and gives glowing skin.

And several other benefits. Let’s go further.

How To Grow Strawberries In Pot?

For growing strawberries first, prepare the soil mix of the pot for that you need well-drained lightweight soil. The quantity of the soil must be 50% Coco peat  30% compost 20% garden soil that will be nice for nutrients, flowers, and fruits.

Grow strawberries in pots
grow strawberry in pots

To make them more good add two teaspoons of the bone meal because it contains lots of phosphorous and calcium


In another case, you can use normal soil, cow dung manure, sand, Cocopeat, and neem cake as all these are essential but neem cake is a must because it helps to keep the soil fungus free and fertilize it quite well which is necessary for strawberries.

you can grow the strawberries in the pot which has many holes or place the colander in the pot. When you grow the strawberry in the porous pot as a result the root comes out from the pores and comes into the air directly.

Air contact the roots will be damage the roots then plenty of new roots will be developed and you will be able to grow strawberries in large quantities in a small pot.

You can grow the strawberries with the root of the plant after putting the soil in the container make a dug in the center and place the root of the strawberry very carefully.

So that its root-soil doesn’t get damaged and now it’s time to give it good water. This type of pot is called an air pruning pot and you can see the result 10 days later.

The output of the plant will be good due to the soil mixture and this air pruning pot. spray some fertilizer on the plant. After 5 days lots of strawberries have come on the plant.

Quick Tips to Grow Strawberries in the Container:

The plant of strawberries also gets infested by aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs. The best treatment for this is to spray fermented rice choose only the plant which is infected by a meal bug.

How to prepare fermented rice shoes?

you have to keep boiled rice in a plastic bottle with water and let them fermented for 10 days and after 10 days spread the mixture on the plant.

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How to Grow Strawberries From the Seeds:

You can grow several strawberries from seeds.

And, for that, you just want some strawberry which can be available at your home or buy it from the market and choose the strawberry which is of red or Brown seeds and cut over the peel of this slice of strawberry.

The next step for growing strawberry is preparing the soil for the plant for strawberry take a container mix some of the garden soil , Coco peat , cow dung and  mix them well and place the slice of strawberries.

 After 15 days these plants started grows..

How Much Time is Required to Grow Strawberry?

how much time strawberry require
How much time strawberry require

For growing the strawberry you need a minimum of three months, which are required to prepare the strawberry and all these depend upon the life cycle of the plant which is divided into four stages which are as follows:

First phase is preparing leaves and flowers

Second phase is make the fruits from the flowers

Third phase is pollination

Fourth phase is colour transformation form green to red.

Phase 1

To begin with, we should focus on the measure of time it will take for your strawberry plants to begin creating natural products. As the climate heats up in spring, your plants will put out leaves to absorb the daylight into their food. This is the main phase of strawberry plants starting to develop adequately huge to begin blossoms.

Phase 2

Edible crops produce flowers then fruits or vegetables grow on that plant .when the flower of the strawberry comes out it is of white color with the sunlight it grows its maximum size.

Phase 3

birds and bees pollinated the flowers of the strawberry with its growth the size of the plant becomes large and its color changes.

Phase 4

Strawberry mostly grown in the summer season and it takes 3 months to grow its fruit.

Types of strawberry to Grow in Pots

1)June bearing strawberry

2)Ever bearing strawberry

3)Day neutral strawberry

June bearing strawberry: strawberry can also give fruit in June only because it is a seasonal fruit.

Ever bearing strawberry: is grown in two times of a year.

Day neutral strawberry: it produces fruits thrice  in a year.

You can grow everyday neutral strawberry in your home indoor.

How to Grow large Size Strawberry In Pots?

how to grow large strawberries
how to grow large strawberries

For growing large strawberries there are various factors that affect it which are potassium, nitrogen, which must be balanced.

The large usage of potassium or nitrogen it will damage the root of the plant. To improve the productivity of the fruit you must use good soil and compost.

Essential factors for Growing Strawberries

1. Plotting the plant

This is the first factor for the growth of the strawberry .you can place the plant indoor or grow it in any pot. Don’t overfill the plants so that any disease will not affect the plant.

2. Climate:

The temperature must be 20 to 25 degrees c for the proper growth of the plant. The strawberry can be planted in both the situation whether it is hold or cold. But it mostly prefers the spring season.

3. Sunlight

The plants need direct 5 to 6 hours direct sunlight to grow but if you have sunlight issues for that you can use led lights to maintain the temperature for replacing the sunlight.

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