how to grow sugarcane in container at home

Sugarcane is a tropical crop that grows in a tropical climate. Mainly grown as cash crops, but now it is also grown for biofuel. However, you can grow sugarcane in container at home too. Read the full details below to grow sugarcane at home.

If you are thinking about something refreshing and tasty to have in summer, then Sugarcane is the thing you must take. Sugarcane is not only tasty but healthy as well.

Sugarcane juice
sugarcane Juice

Having a glass full of sugarcane juice can erase both mental and physical tiredness. Sugarcane is something that you must prefer in summer rather than junk cold drinks, available in the market.

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But you see, it is not easy to get pure sugarcane as easily as you can get cold drinks in the market. So should it be a concern that it is not easily available?

It is, of course, available in Village areas but what about the city. City life is busy and people are rushing everywhere. In the city, there is no time to go out search and get something organic and pure.

Grow Sugarcanes at Home

Sugarcane container
Sugarcane Container

So, Why don’t you make your own garden where you can plant your own sugarcanes, nurture it, take care of its purity and then enjoy its juice in the right time?

But planting sugarcane needs space. Is it possible to get space in a crowded place? But humans always end up finding a solution. It is nowhere written that sugarcane can be grown in open fields only. If you wish, you can grow them inside your house also.

Sugarcane is a plant that usually grows in temperate tropical regions. It needs a plentiful of sunlight and rain to grow. In case, you want to grow it in a container, you will have to provide all its requirement.

Sugarcane is grown in various kinds of soils, such as red volcanic soils and alluvial soils of rivers. The ideal soil is a mixture of sand, silt, and clay particles, with a measure of organic material. So you can opt for any of the mentioned soil and put it in a container. The average temperature needed is 70 to 90°F. Once planted, you have to take care of it for 10- 14 months, and then it will stand ready as a refreshing beverage.

Important points for growing sugarcane at home

learn grow sugarcane container home
how to grow sugarcane at home

1. Sugarcane can be grown in two ways. i.e through  seeds and cuttings

2. The best time for planting sugarcanes is during cold climate i.e. between October and November.

3. While choosing soil, saline, acidic, and alkaline soil should be avoided.

4. Moisture is important but you must take care that the soil doesn’t become soggy while watering.

5. Once is 4-5 months, sugarcane needs fertilizers. Granular 8-8-8 or 10-10-10 fertilizer is best for its growth.

6. Sugarcanes are vulnerable to some diseases like Eye Spot, Pineapple Disease, Red Dot, and Sugarcane Smut Disease.

Choosing the Container

Before we plant sugarcane indoors, it is very important to choose the right choice of container.  The container should be 12-14 inches deeper and depending upon how many sugarcanes you are going to grow in a single container, its width will be decided.

Some of the right containers for growing multiple plants are big tub, barrel, or bucket. Or you can purchase an appropriate container from the market.

Selecting the Soil

sugarcane container home

Once the right container is chosen, it is time you select the right amount and quality of the soil. As mentioned above already, you can choose any soil such as Clayey, alluvial, red soil.  Soil should cover the 3/4 part of the container.

Ways to grow Sugarcane at Home

Growing sugarcane from cuttings is comparatively easier than seeds. To grow from a cutting, initially, you will need healthy green sugarcane with 10-12 nodes. Then cut the sugarcane into three equal parts(The number of parts cut from sugarcane may vary). After that, put the parts of the stem into the container and fill it with soil.

Now it is better if you cover the container with a transparent plastic sheet. When the stem begins to develop itself, then remove the sheet.

As the stem will show its growth, keep watering evenly.

Another way of growing sugarcane is from seeds. It is somehow difficult to collect seeds directly from the sugarcane plant.

They are easily available in nurseries or online stores so you can purchase them from there. Now once you get the seeds, sow them in a tray or any other container. Keep the container in a suitable condition and make sure it gets an adequate amount of moisture. The germination of seeds occurs within 3 weeks.

It is easy if you enjoy the whole procedure of growing a plant and if you don’t enjoy it, it may seem tough. The procedures should be done on a regular basis to see the mature result of sugarcane.

It is fun watching a sapling growing into a full-grown tree. Once the sugarcane comes to its mature stage, you will be able to break it and make a tasty beverage out of it and enjoy it with your family.

Now that you know how to grow sugarcane at your own home, try it on your own and enjoy the process. All the best.

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