13 Best Houseplants Decor For Kitchen


Growing plants in your kitchen is an easy way to retain some personality in the space. Moreover, a kitchen decorated with beautiful and colorful houseplants will spread positivity and lighten the mood while doing regular chores. Maybe you are wondering what kind of plants can grow and thrives at full potential in an indoor space … Read more

Grow Cilantro From Seeds At Home – Care, Harvest

Grow Cilantro From Seeds

Today in this blog post we are going to learn to grow cilantro from seeds at home. Cilantro is a herb that gives a delicious flavor and taste to the food. Now you can obtain fresh cilantro from your kitchen as they are easy to grow in an indoor garden using container gardening methods. The … Read more

25 Best Low Light Houseplants to Decorate Home

Low-Light Houseplant

Growing houseplants provide a soothing atmosphere indoors. If you want to decorate the interior of your house houseplants could be an option. You can even grow them in places where there Is little sunlight. If you have a low-light area in your home, which I am sure you would have, then here are the 25 … Read more

Materials You Need To Grow Microgreen Indoors


Microgreens are nutritious and crunchy flavor greens that look absolutely stunning when garnished on the dishes. It is very easy to grow these microgreens at home. With little care and maintenance, you can grow a lot of greens indoors. So supporting the fact that microgreens can be easily grown indoors, here is the list of … Read more

Growing Microgreens Without Soil


If you are looking for growing tips on indoor plants in your home or office, look no further. You can learn how to grow microgreens without soil using hydroponic methods. This includes instructions on the best nutrients and equipment to use for a successful growing experience. Our Growing Microgreens Without Soil blog has all the … Read more

How To Grow Microgreens Indoors?


You may be surprised at how easy and how well you can grow microgreens indoors. A ton of fresh, nourishing food can be grown in tiny containers without gardening skills whatsoever. If you have a sunny window, a bit of space, and an interest in eating super healthy, this is a fun and easy way … Read more

6 Microgreens that you can grow in your Kitchen


In this blog, I am going to discuss what are microgreens and how you can grow them in your kitchen using pots and containers. Microgreens are very delightful and delicious to eat. As a matter of fact, microgreens contain 5 times more nutrients than fully grown veggies. Although microgreens are somewhat expensive you can create … Read more

14 Store-Bought Vegetables and Herbs That You can Regrow in your Garden


Did you know that you can actually grow the whole plant from the normal-looking food scrap? If you don’t then this article is for you. I was doing cleaning in the kitchen, recently I got an idea to reuse the kitchen waste. Which gave me the idea of writing this blog post. In this, 14 … Read more

15 Indoor Houseplants For Beginners

houseplant for beginners

Nowadays more and more people are decorating their homes with beautiful houseplants. It’s the best idea to decorate your home with as it brings you close to nature. Plus the houseplants enhance the beauty of the place by multiple folds. In this blog post, I am going to share 15 indoor houseplants for beginners. This … Read more

How to Grow Bell Peppers From Scrap


If you’re looking to grow bell peppers from scrap, then this article is for you! Growing your own peppers from scrap is easy, and can be done even if you have no garden space. Here I will show you how to grow bell peppers from scrap. This post contains all the information you need to … Read more