Indoor Plant Decor For Bedroom

Are you looking for Indoor Plant Decor For your Bedroom? In this post, I will tell you about some amazing ideas for indoor plants that are good for bedroom decor. I have included some of the most beautiful indoor plants that you can choose from.

I have given some ideas for indoor plant decor for the bedroom, which will help you to beautify your bedroom. keep in mind that indoor plants can do more than just provide beauty and fragrance. They can help keep the air in your home cleaner, fresher, and more comfortable. In addition, they can improve your indoor air quality and make your home more energy-efficient.

Should You Keep Plants In Bedroom?

Are you one of those people who have always dreamt of having a beautiful green bedroom with plants everywhere? In this article, I will tell you if it’s worth it or not. I will also provide you with some tips on how to choose the right plant for your room.

Definitely plants increase the beauty of the place where they are kept. But the question arises here

Can you keep plants in your bedroom? Is it safe to keep plants in your bedroom because plants release carbon dioxide at night which can be harmful?

For some people, it’s not a good idea to keep plants in your bedroom. but for some people it’s beneficial. 

Additionally, plants can make your bedroom look more attractive.

A large indoor plant is a great way to create a relaxing, soothing, and inviting atmosphere in your home.

However, there is only problem seems to keep plants in your bedroom. As plants release carbon dioxide during the night.

Furthermore, the best solution for this problem of releasing carbon dioxide at night is that you can choose those plants which release a small amount of carbon dioxide at night.

There are only a few Plants that release high amounts of carbon dioxide resulting in suffocation. So, it would be better to avoid them.

In addition, I will provide a list of plants that are best for decorating the bedroom.

Which Plants are Best for Decorating Bedroom?

When choosing the plants for decorating your bedroom, choose those plants which not only look good but also purify the surrounding air.

Yes, there are some plans which have the quality to clean and purify the surrounding air by removing toxins such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, etc. 

I want you to take full advantage of this article and beautify your bedrooms with plants that look stunning and healthy for you as well.

1. Snake Plant

2. English Ivy

3. Golden Pothos

4. Spider Plant

5. Rubber Plant

6. Peace lily

7. Aloe Vera

8. Areca Palm


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How to Decorate Your Bedroom With Plants?

Plants are one of the most natural and effective ways to decorate your bedroom. They bring color, texture, and freshness to your room, and you can use them in a variety of ways to add interest to your bedroom. And you can do so in many ways. You can make your bedroom more relaxing and more tranquil.

Also, when you decorate your bedroom with plants, you make your bedroom look more inviting and peaceful. It also makes your bedroom more restful and relaxing. You will be more likely to get a good night’s sleep if you decorate your bedroom with plants. Plus, plants are easy to care for and inexpensive.

Many people think that plants are only good for indoor use, but that’s not true. You can use plants in a variety of ways to decorate your home, and your bedroom is a great place to start. 

So let’s begin.

1. Hang Plants on Your Walls

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your bedroom, then hanging plants on your walls is one of the easiest and most natural ways to do it.

Plants on the walls look great and they’re a great way to add color to your room. Plus, they’re easy to care for and they don’t require a lot of maintenance.

To hang plants on your walls, you’ll need to get a few plants, a frame, and some hanging hardware. You’ll also need to figure out where you want to place the plants on your walls.

For example, you can hang plants on your walls in a way that creates a focal point in your room, or you can hang them in a way that adds interest and color to your walls.

2. Create a Corner to Plant

The corners of the bedroom are great places to decorate with plants. Use untouched corners of the room, or you can make space by shifting or moving out the useless stuff.

Place large indoor plants in these corners beside the bed. They will give an authentic look to the place once they start to grow. Also, you will feel more relaxed once you start keeping plants in your bedroom.

3. Window Sill of Bedroom

You are lucky if you have a window sill in your bedroom. Because you can decorate that window sill with small pots. Terracotta pots would be best as you can paint them according to the colors matching the room.

Try to grow flowering plants in these window sill pots. As they are near windows and flowering plants need sunlight to bloom beautiful flowers. Why not use the opportunity? Grow some beautiful and colorful flowering plants that grow easily in containers or pots.

After completing decorating your window sill the look of the room will be completely changed.

4. Add Mini Plants to Side Table

Decorate your bedroom side tables with mini plants. You can decorate the bedroom table by placing succulents or mini cactuses. These pots do not cover much space and look attractive.

These colorful planters will refresh your mood when you look at them after a long day or wake up next to them. Plants in the bedroom automatically elevate your mood. Hence in my opinion it would be better to decorate your bedroom with real plants rather than artificial pieces.

5. Add Plant Above Almirah

In most of the bedrooms, the top of the almirah remains unused or we put the useless stuff on that. So, it becomes a great place for placing beautiful houseplants on it. And it would look more attractive if you place some flowering pots on the top of the almirah.

Moreover, the top of the almirah is a place where toddlers and pets cannot reach so there is no need to worry to get any harm to the plants. Also, you can place your pots on any elevated surfaces like dressers and drawers.

6. Use Plant Cutting to Grow in Water Instead of Soil

7. A large Plant next to Sofa or Bed

8 Accumulate Some Pots


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  1. Try to grow flowering plants in these window sill pots. As they are near windows and flowering plants need sunlight to bloom beautiful flowers. Why not use the opportunity?


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