Organic container gardening: A complete guide

Here we are Discussing about organic container gardening.

Gardening is the process of using seeds fertilizer, and soil to grow a plant in a container or in a garden. Through gardening, you come in touch with nature.

Organic means natural without any harmful chemicals .which comes from living things or the things which are good for the health of the person and nature. Use the wasteful things, which comes from living creature.

Organic container gardening:-  It represent gardening in a container by using organic components .in other words when a plant is grown by using the natural or organic Manure to make good soil. It acts as a lifeline of a plant when all these are done in a container so this is known as container gardening.

For example:- you want to grow tomatoes organically. For that use perfect seeding of tomato and use an organic fertilizer such as a farmyard, manures, animal waste, plant residue, sewage sludge, vermicompost, compost. The ideal space for a plant is 60 cm * 60 cm *20 cm.

You can start organic container gardening  by keeping these things  in your Mind

Location where the plant placed

Soil usage

Organic fertilizer

Perfect container

Selection of plant


Organic fertilizer

Maintenance of the plant

Rotation of the container plant

Take care of the plant

Harvesting time.

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Benefits of Organic Container Gardening

Benefits of organic container gardening
Benefits of organic container gardening

1. It helps to relieve the stress level as do organic gardening, so it purifying the surrounding air. It helps to reduce the negativity.

2. The major benefit of organizations gardening is that it helps to ensure your brain healthy as it is science research by scientists. It eliminates the risk of brain damage as you do gardening.

3. You will eat organic products which are pure and don’t contain chemicals.

4. As sunlight is good for our health in the same way when we eat organic food that contains sunlight. It provides nutrients to our body.

5. Waste products of the kitchen can be used as fertilizer which plays a great role in organic gardening such as cow dung manure, onion peels manure, egg Shells, etc.

An Urban Overview of Organic Gardening

Urban gardening is done when space is less for planting the plant. The best way to do planting in urban gardening is to vertical plantation or hang up in the container in a sequence or use a tray to grow a plant.

Top Locations to Place Organic Container

Top Locations for Organic Container Gardening
Top locations organic container garden

You can place the organic container in the garden where the 6 -8 hours of sunlight passes to the plant.

Balcony- is another location where you can place the container because the sun doesn’t spread its light all over the day.

Kitchen- in the kitchen window you can also hang the organic container so that fresh air comes from it or it fulfills the requirements of the people by giving them fresh food.

If you are planning to place the organic plant container in the garden, place it in a position so that the trees should not cover the container. Otherwise, it would be not good for the growth of the plant in the container.

The organic container required its perfect 6-8 hours of sunlight. If you provide more than its required sunlight it will affect the plant and low sunlight results in fewer nutrients. So location plays a vital role in organic gardening.

What Kind of Container Used for Organic Gardening

In organic gardening, you can use these containers such as  Terracotta, clay, plastic, or wooden box.

Terracotta or Clay

It is mostly used by the people because it seems like beautiful and traditional way of planting. Both of these containers has good drainage hole which is good for soil and growth of the plant.

Plastic Container

Plastic is a reusable product that is mainly found in our homes. It is another way to grow a plant just do a hole in the bottom of the bottle and put some soil and in this way you can grow a plant. Plastic containers can be used indoor or outdoor or you can hang them on the wall.

Wooden Box

A wooden box or tray is the best way to grow a plant in large quantities. When you want to grow the food in a wooden container it gives you the best result. As it can be possible placed outdoor due to large space.

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What Kind of Soil is Required for Organic Gardening?

Soil for organic gardening
What type of soil organic container gardening?

The soil must contain nutrients that are needed for the soil. When you want to do organic gardening.  For that, we’ll use drained and light soil.

You can use garden soil, cow dung manure, animal waste, plant residue, vermicompost, compost for organic food. Do not use harmful chemicals or pesticides in organic food.

How to Water Organic Container?

In organic planting give water only when their top layer of soil is 1 inch dry because then only it needed water. Give water to the plant on the regular basis. So that plant will expand its roots and plants.

If you overwater it will results in the destruction of plants and excluding the organic Manure & compost from the roots.

What Are Some Best Organic fertilizer for Organic Gardening?

Cow Dung Fertilizer

you can use cow dung fertilizer in two ways one is dry cow dung and the second is decomposed cow dung. If you are using decomposed or dry cow dung then place the cow dung in water for 24 hours.

After that, you see the color of water became red. Use this fertilizer at any season, there is not any side effect of this.

Sarso Kali Fertilizer

It is used to make the plant shiny.

As you need to put some amount of sarso Kali in the water for 24 hours and it changes the color water.

Before spreading it in the plant.

Use a glass and fill half with sarso Kali fertilizer and rest with normal water as it is strong fertilizer.

Onion Peel Fertilizer

Peel the onion wastage and put it in the water after 24 hours. Sprinkle it in the plant. The color of the onion peel fertilizer became red.

Tea Fertilizer

it is used in organic fertilizer which is good for the plant. For 1 day and after that separate the tea from the liquid fertilizer and spread it over the plant.

Banana Peel Fertilizer

peel the Banana upper layer and put it in the water for 24 hours and then the fertilizer is ready for use.

What Vegetables to Grow in Organic Container Garden?

What vegetables to grow
what vegetables to grow in Organic Container Garden?

You can grow these vegetables by organic container gardening which are as follows:-


Baby onion






Green beans


Bell peppers




Peppers: You can grow peppers organically by using the seeds of healthy peppers and mix them with the soil of the plant. The soil contains 50% sand or Cocopeat. Now cover the seeds with thin layer of soil and spread some water.

Use fertilizer such as bone meal, sea meal, cow dung, vermicompost, as an organic fertilizer.

Baby onion: baby onion is good for health. You can grow baby onion in the organic method. For that use the scraps of baby onion and plot it in the soil and do not put any chemical that will be harsh for the vegetables. Give water on a regular basis.

In the same way, all other vegetables can be grown using its seedlings or cutting which is of radishes, herbs, peas, beets, carrots, kale then prepare the soil of all these.

The soil mixture must be 30 % garden soil, 30 % vermicompost, 40% Coco peat, 50 gm perlite, 5p gm vermiculite.

mix them all and now the next turn is to provide nutrients for the plant .which is sunlight all these vegetables required 6-7 hours of direct sunlight for its growth and give appropriate water so that its leaves expand its roots and branches and after 25-30days spray fertilizer which is mentioned above the article and use them.

In the end, harvest the Veggies when they are fully grown.

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