Top 15 Flowers to Grow On Terrace

A little introduction about the top 15 flowers to grow on the terrace. Terrace gardens can be usually seen in urban areas, restaurants, and other business places. As the name suggests, they are established or set up on the roof-tops, balconies, patios, etc. A terrace garden is a good option for people having space issues in the home.

Majorly there are 2 types of terrace gardens: one that we can establish on our terrace, balcony, etc. And the other one is crafted against a hillside. A mountain is cut-down in garden beds along the slant to do agricultural farming.

Guide on top 15 flowers to grow on the terrace, best ways to create a terrace garden, Tips for growing flowers on a terrace garden, and Frequently asked question

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The Best Way To Create A Terrace Garden

Drainage and Waterproofing

It is very necessary that waterproofing must be done on the terrace to avoid seeping water Into the ceiling of the rooms below. A proper drainage system must be there on the roof for rainwater and irrigation water to drain completely from the roof.

To avoid leakage in any manner use a plastic sheet and spread it on the terrace before laying the soil on the terrace to convert it into a terrace garden. The plastic sheet underneath will protect any humidity to enter through the ceiling.

To make drainage more optimal you can use a drip irrigation system to avoid spillage of water on the roof. Drip irrigation will provide the water required directly to the roots of the plant.

Space on Terrace

To make a terrace garden, one must keep in mind the space available also. It’s not like you just grow the flower on a terrace, balcony, or wherever and now there is no space left to go through. Also, determine the roof surface can bear the weight of the terrace garden or not. As wet soil becomes heavier than dry soil and most people realize this after putting all the effort to set up the terrace garden.

A terrace garden should be formed on the terrace that can easily bear the weight like a well-cemented floor made of iron rods, etc. Also, terrace gardens are not meant to be formed on damaged or weak surfaces. Otherwise, it will collapse very soon.

Flower Beds on Terrace

If you have a large space on a terrace (say 8x8ft) dedicated to terrace gardening, then you can easily form flower beds in them to make them more attractive and beautiful. Spread the soil on your terrace where you want the garden to be. Now create a perimeter of soil around It and your flower bed is ready.

Also, you can create a partition between the perimeter using stones, bricks, wood planks, etc. Now you can sow a variety of flowering seeds in the flower bed. And make sure to group similar seeds in the same flower bed. Dianthus, phlox, chrysanthemums, sweet peas, pansies, marigolds, dahlias, and other flower plants would be best for your flower bed on the terrace as they bloom year-round.

Gardening In Containers on Terrace

installing and managing the drainage system on the terrace would be hectic and money-consuming. Another option is to use different types of containers in which you can perform gardening and place them on your terrace. The containers could be anything. Here are the cheap ideas for container gardening which you can look upon.

The main purpose of the container is to hold soil. For this, you can use pots, drums, tires, boxes, tubs, paint buckets, trays, etc. The benefit of using containers on the terrace is they can be moved from one place to another easily such as can be placed on a wedge or boundary of the roof for proper airflow and easy drainage.

Grow More Plants Vertically

One more thing you can do to make your terrace garden more appealing and eye-pleasing is to grow plants vertically and it makes sense too because of the limited space for gardening on the terrace. If you observe some best terrace gardens across your city, you would surely find some sort of vertical gardening on the terrace. There is a reason why terrace gardeners love planting vertical gardens.

Many of these trellis can grow over the boundary and wall of the roof that covers the building side. Although creepers grow, spread, and climb fast that is why they are the first choice for terrace gardeners. Moreover, you can make a wooden grill structure that can be placed on the terrace through a pole. And along with these poles, creepers such as passionflower, thunbergia, bougainvillea, and climbing roses can be planted.

roof trellis terrace

Soon they will grow and climb the poles, cover the wooden structure in between, and would appear like a roof full of leaves that would provide shade on the terrace. In between these grills you can also grow strawberries in hanging basket or any other plant in the baskets.

Top Flowers to Grow on Terrace


It is a very common flowering plant that is available easily in local market vendors or you can order them online. This flower blooms both in yellow and orange color that catches attention for some moments. One more reason for planting this plant is that they look very bright and require very little maintenance and most importantly they are pest resistant as well which means you don’t have to bother with this flowering plant. Due to some of these reasons, the marigold flower becomes the first choice for many terrace gardeners.


Begonias are known to grow well in shaded regions and since most terraces are covered by shade, they become the next best choice to grow flowers on terrace. Also, they bloom throughout the year which means now can they can be seen blooming in your flower beds or terrace gardens in all seasons.


It is a big red beautiful flower. You can grow it year-round and it also blooms all season. Being vibrant It kind of decorates the terrace garden that increases its value of the garden. Make sure to plant them in place on the terrace where they get plenty of sunlight as they thrive in bright light. The hibiscus plant has also medicinal uses.


It is commonly known as “chameli” in the Hindi language. Jasmine flower is of white color and highly fragrant. The vine of jasmine spreads fragrance in all directions that fill the surrounding with positivity and joy. The vine of jasmine is grown in many restaurants and business places. The flower jasmine blooms throughout the summer. Make sure to add compost of about 2 inches in the soil where jasmine is planted. Jasmine oil is beneficial and the plant can be used for medicinal purposes.


This flower blooms in very different colors like white, blue, and purple. Many terrace gardeners plant them to increase the color varieties in their terrace garden. For proper growth of hyacinth, it requires well-drained soil and bright sunlight. They can also be grown in shaded or semi-shaded places on terraces. The watering of this plant should be taken care of. Moreover, this flower can also be grown indoors for table-tops.


Roses on Terrace

Roses are among the best and most lovely flowers that one can grow on a terrace. There are several varieties of roses available in the market that produce different colors of flowers. Roses can be red, pink, white, black, blue, yellow, etc. However, it’s not possible to grow every variety of flowers in one place, especially on a terrace. But yes common varieties like pink and red roses can be grown easily as long as you provide the plant with good soil, adequate water, fertilizer, and sunlight hours.


The plant hydrangea produces flowers that are round in shape with varying colors. They are pretty beautiful and the color of the flower depends on the pH of the soil in which they grow.


Many gardeners grow flowers of pansies on their terraces. The particular reason for that is it produces different colors and sizes of flowers constantly. They look different from those of the flowers listed above. You can easily plant them in small pots and move them throughout the space of the garden.


If you want a lot of flowers in your terrace garden then go for the petunias. They are so easy to grow that even a beginner in gardening could grow a decent amount of flowers to make the terrace garden more vibrant and beautiful. Just make sure that the plant gets plenty of sunlight. Also, An adequate amount of supply is required to grow it well.


It is a red color beautiful plant that thrives best in sunlight. The water requirement for this plant is moderate and can be grown easily. Also, you can grow them in a hanging basket to make your terrace garden more authentic.

Morning glory

The vines of these plants grow quickly. The flower of morning glory has a royal purple shade which becomes very hard to keep eyes off. Its flowers are open only in the morning due to which it is named morning glory. The reason why I kept this flower in the top 18 flowers to grow on the terrace is that it looks stunning on the terrace in the morning when the sun appears.


This plant is also known as the flame of the woods. These plants produce flowers that are small and round in shape. Make sure that the fertilizer used in growing this plant should rich in nitrogen.


This flower is much like cosmos as they bloom in different colors that are enough to turn any green garden into a colorful place. Seeds of cosmos plants are available in the market easily.


The flowers of this plant bloom as long as they continuously get enough sunlight and water properly. It produces colorful flowers that remain fresh for a long time. Hence they are perfect for your terrace garden.

Areca palms

The interesting fact about this flowering plant is that once it comes under the category of endangered species but now it is easily available on every street vendor. These are tall and look much similar to bamboo. They are widely used as a decorative indoor plants and you can plant them on your terrace too.

Tips For Growing Flowers On The Terrace

  • The First tip is to make sure that the terrace should be waterproof. There should be no leakage. If you are using soil on a terrace use a sheet of polythene as explained above.
  • Don’t water in the rainy season. Moreover, if the rainwater gets accumulated in the container after the rain stops, tilt the pot or container and spill the water as It can clog the soil.
  • Place the containers or pots on the terrace so that they get 4-6 hours of sunlight. 4 to 6 hrs of sunlight is essential for the optimal growth of the plants.
  • if you are sowing them directly in the soil, mind the space between the plants as if they are too close, there would be a competition for nutrients, water, and sunlight.
  • The Seeds of the flowers are easily available in the market. If not, you can purchase them directly online.
  • It is advised to read the reviews of the seeds online before purchasing.
  • Create a shady area so that plants can be protected from excess heat in summers.
  • For creating a shady area, a light-colored cloth would be perfect. As it would reflect the excess heat and ventilate the plant.
  • Try to grow some annually blooming flowers to that the terrace garden doesn’t lose its appearance.
  • Small Pots can easily be shifted on wedges of the wall for better sunlight and air circulation.

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