Container gardening ideas For homes

Gardening is the process of growing and planting new plants such as flowers, vegetables, etc.

When we are talking about container gardening as the name represents, the gardening which we do in any container such as a bucket, pots, bottles is categorized as container gardening.

A container can be of any shapes like egg shapes, round shapes, circle shapes, rectangular shapes. Different containers have multiple shapes.

There are lots of people who love gardening and due to some space issues they are not able to plant a garden in their home.

So here I am to resolve the problems that occurred during gardening. Make your home attractive and classy by using the greenery of plants in your home at the lowest cost. And for that, you must read the article till the end.

Here were are discussing the idea of container gardening. Let’s start:

Container Gardening Ideas

I prepared the list of container gardening which you must do, which are as follows:-

  • Glass bottles
  • Small cups
  • Colander
  • Paint container
  • Tin container/cans
  • Bucket
  • Plastic bottles
  • Pots
  • Old waste sink
  • Teapots
  • Wooden box
  • Cement pots
  • Waste bags planter
  • Tyre recycle
  • Hanging basket

    And Several More.

Things Can Be Used For Container Gardening

Colander As Container

A colander is a basic utensil that we can use as our container gardening. The main reason for which we utilize the colander for container gardening is that it is available in our homes easily.

The main purpose of the colander is to store goods in one place so that they can be found easier when it is required. We can also use the colander for draining.

A colander is used for gardening in such ways you can hang them as flower pots and thankful to the drainage holes of the colander which helps the plants to get the drainage which they need to grow. To make the center of attraction you can polish it with some colors or use some creative ideas to make it more attractive.

Glass bottles

glass bottles can be used in home gardening people use to decorate their interior of the house. They are cheap and affordable. we have different kinds of glass bottles in our home. Such as milk glass bottles, wine glass bottles, coca-cola glass bottles, lamp bottles, perfume glass bottles, thermos bottles.

We can use these glass bottles to make our container gardening very attractive. Also, all these can be found at our home easily. we can place multiple colored glass bottles which became the honeypot.

Use Extra Buckets

The bucket is mainly used for storing water, keeping small goods but what to do if you have many buckets in your home. Too many buckets are none of the use. So you can utilize it in a better way like doing gardening in it.

A bucket is round-shaped with a handle, for doing gardening or planting in the bucket, what you do is to make a bigger hole on the bottom of the bucket so as the water and air pass from the soil and plant growth in an effective manner. Due to less space, you can hang the bucket on your wall.

Also, I have written a detailed article on “How to do Bucket Gardening?“. Click Here to get the complete information about Bucket Gardening.

Plastic bottles

Rather than throwing the plastic bottles out of your house you can clean some plastic bottles and make a cut on the bottom of the bottle and put some soil in it or root of the plants and hang them in any room, garden, kitchen area.

You can cut the plastic bottles in two ways which I will discuss. The first way is to cut it from the top of the bottles so that its cap will remove and you can place it in a vertical manner. And the second way is to cut some upper portion of the bottle from its middle while putting it in the horizontal manner you can hang the bottles in both ways.

Use Cemented Pots

Pots are very beautiful and you saw a lot of pot in the market. Most people think that it is only used to put some flowers in it and some called it flower pots.

But you can grow your own plants or flowers in the pots which are available at your home by putting soil in the pot and you can place them anywhere at your home.

Some people who have an interest in art and craft put their effort into pots by decorating them, painting them, or make some beautiful paintings on them.

Old waste Sink

Do you have Space left in the balcony Area? Here is an idea to use it.

You can use your old sink as a container. As the sink of wide space in it, you can grow any plant in it. Sometimes you love some plants the most but don’t have space or containers to grow the plant. what you can do, is to plant that flower in your waste old sink. In that case, it will be reused and comes to your usage.

you can see the growth of your plant on a daily basis which will keep you smiling and makes you happier.

Unused Small Cups Or Mugs

Small cups are another kind of container gardening as we use cups in our home for daily uses. Such as serving teas, coffee, etc, and after diminishing the colors of the cups it became useless for us we can reuse them while doing gardening. Its small size looks cute you can change the shape of cups by using cutters.

Also, coffee mugs can be considered as good container gardening ideas. They are small, colorful, portable, and, actually, look cute inside the home. Especially when there is a beautiful plant is growing within.

Paint Containers

All of us know what pain containers looks like. But have you ever thought that it can be used to practice container gardening?

If you have waste paint buckets left after finishing the work, except for throwing them out of your house you can use them for container gardening. Make sure the paint container must be clean before using it.

Otherwise, it could harm the plant in the container. Also, you can color the container with different colors to make them attractive.

Wooden Boxes

The wooden box is a very creative idea for planting the garden in it. As you have a waste wooden box in your home such as bed wooden box, kitchen wooden box, which became a little bit deteriorate is of no use for yours.

It can be reused as container gardening what you can do is just pick up that wooden boxes cleaned them and put some soil of the plant and rest it grows as time passes.


Teapots are of wide variety with unique colors and craftsmanship. As you saw teapot is of many types such as glass teapots, cast iron teapot, ceramic teapots, stainless steel pots.

Each pot is better from one another.

If you have multiple teapots in your home with no usage. Here I give the idea to you is to grow in your teapots which give attractive viewpoint to the guests because its color and painting ideas will make it more effective.

Also, you can click here to read more about container gardening.

Tyres Recycle

sometimes which we think is wastage or not for used become very effective to perform our task. As we are discussing container gardening. you can utilize tyre for planting a garden. Suppose you have the bulk of tyres that is not in good condition or format except throwing them out of your house.

You can just pick up and put some color on that tires and place two or three tires horizontally. And you will see the bundles of tires seems like a pot for planting and growing new plants in it. As time passes its rate of growth will be increased if proper care is taken.

Cement Pots

Cement pots are used since earlier eras when people don’t have enough money which they can spend on purchasing new trending goods to make their home attractive. They simply use cemented pots to decorate their interior of the home.

What they do was to make small pots which they can use in various ways and one of the greatest ideas is to grow a plant inside the cement pots which seems like the most common idea but it is used by tons of people.

Waste Bags Planter

When we are talking about bags it comes with various kinds such as handbags, travel bags, school bags, purses used by the girls.

You can also make it as a container and do gardening in it. Sounds weird., but it is the way through which you can reuse your bags and tie them on any place or walls.

Hanging Basket

Hanging basket is a new trend nowadays. it seems like supercools people purchases basket which can be hung upon the grills and ceiling.

Also, it comes in multiple colors it looks like small hand mugs with a handle that is knocked with the specified area. This is why it is becoming the first choice of many to start decorating their home with.

When you saw it in the sequence it creates its own limelight with its unique colors such as red, blue, white, yellow placed in the order. In which you can plant new flowers or anything you like to see.

Summary on Unique Container Gardening Ideas For Homes

While covering up this topic at the end we can say that container gardening is a very beautiful idea of gardening if you don’t have any specific place to make your garden.

Container gardening doesn’t require any particular essentials to perform your task, you can use any product which is not in your use and recycle that such as tires, teapot, old sink, bags, plastic bags and bottles, bucket, tin cans, etc.

I hope this article is useful for you. Thank you.

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  1. Don t add gravel at the bottom of containers. It does not improve drainage. That s a persistent myth in the container gardening world. It s too much for me too explain here; it s physics. If your wish to explore this subject, start by googling perched water containers .


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