15 Water Savings Tips for Container Gardening

In order to grow plants at their full potential, regular watering becomes an essential part. Provide your plants with an ample amount of water so that they can grow well. Also, while watering keep in mind that water does not get wasted. So, here are some useful water-saving tips for container gardening to prevent wastage.


Useful Water-Saving Tips for Container Gardening

1. Pick an Absolute Container that Maintains Moisture


First, You should choose an absolute container that holds the moisture.

In my opinion, Ceramic pots and solid stone containers are the best

Also, if you are talking about maintaining the moisture of the plant as it maintains the nutrients and moisture as compared to terracotta or coconut which is mostly liked by people.

Also, Avoid plotting the dark-colored pots or metal pots in direct sunlight if you do so as the result it will provide a high rate of heat to it and burn the root of the plant. So you can keep the dark color pots in some shady areas.

Some plants love the semi-shaded areas that will be planted in the dark colored pots in this way the moisture will be maintained in the container.

2. Utilize Self-Watering Compartments

watering in plants graphic

It gradually “wicks” dampness up from the base. you can likewise introduce a dribble water system or improved jugs (with openings in the cover).

These frameworks stream water into your grower, so there’s no waste or overwatering.

Water spikes are another choice. They direct dampness into the root zone where your plants need it most.

3. Prefer Pot Saucer with the Container

Pot saucer is used not only for the spot of the container it is used for saving the excess water which comes from the bottom of the drainage hole.

The water of the pot saucer can be reused in the pot. And you can throw the water out from the saucer it helps for saving.

The water dribble water systems are used to stream the water of grower in this way they can strike water into the root.

4. Improve or Make Your Own Preparing Blend

tips for water saving
water Saving Tips prepare soil

Make the perfect soil or mixture of potting that will improve the water savings of the container gardening.

Use the ingredients that will hold the moisture such as cocopeat, vermiculite, and compost, which are the best ingredients for storing the water.

This will help in extending the timing of watering.

5. Make Good Soil

For a good plantation, a plant needs soil that will provide nutrients to the root so that minerals will help to improve the growth of the plant.

For that, you can add some cow dung, garden soil, compost, microbes, some minerals and put them for dry weather it will create healthy soil which helps in water-saving

As it prepares the soil according to the water needs.

6. Select Short Season of Time Crops


Before planting the plant first select the short-season crops. Because they develop quicker and want less amount of water as they will harvest soon and do need not much time to keep the eye on the plant.

Here is the list of short-season time Crops that is

  • Asian greens
  • Spring onions
  • Radish
  • Loose-leaf lettuce, etc.

7. Low–Water Needs Edible Plants

There are various plants that require less water such as

  • Garlic
  • Chives
  • Spinach
  • Pineapple
  • Italian Oregano
  • Marjoram

You must grow these plants it will help you to save some water under the process of container gardening.

8. Shift the Plant into The Big Pot

You can grow many small pot plants as they grow with the help of roots and fill the container with plants. so you can shift them into the bigger pot.

Suppose you are using 15 small pots for growing the plant so except for them 5-6 pots of big size are more suitable as it uses or consumes less water as compared to 15 small pots and are used for a large period of time.

9. Provide Some Protected or Shaded Areas

put plant in shade water save
Put plants in shade to avoid evaporation of water

As different plants grow in different atmospheres and environments.

Some plants grow in the direct sunlight area which will help them to improve their growth.

Whereas some plants live in a cold area or semi-shaded area as their soil needs to maintain water consistency and due to direct sunlight, their roots will be damaged.

10. Cut down Unwanted Leaf

Cut Unwanted Leaves
Cut Down Unwanted Leaf

When the plants grow some of the leaves that are damaged will stick to the growth of other leaves of plants as you give the water it will not improve the growth of the plant.

11. Take Proper Care and Cultivate

For saving the water in the container you must take care of the plant as you give water on a regular basis the plant will grow itself.

As you saw the plant is fully grown so rather than giving the water you first harvest the plant of the container in this water should be saved.

And, if you give water continuously without harvesting them it will be a waste of water.

12. You Can Use Moisture Meter

A moisture meter is used so that the plant residue in the moisture will reduce the need for water for its growth. Some plants required specific moisture for them.

Sometimes it will become a difficult task for everyone for that meter is used that tells us about the moisture of the soil.

If the moisture is low as the plants required you can give some water and balance it. And, If the moisture level is high it means adding some thin layer of soil to it.

13. Give Periodically Watering

Moreover, this is the most important water-saving tip for container gardening.

One should give water to the plant during the periods which are given.

If you would give water to the plant when the temperature is up, it will evaporate the water from the soil.

And, due to high humidity, the soil will not consume water for the plant as the sunlight will evaporate the water.

So the best time is to give the water in the early morning or in the cold temperature so that moisture gets locked for some time and soil absorbs the water and grows the plant.

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14. Use Doubling Mulching


Although, Double mulching is used for the addiction of feeding much. like sugar cane, it is good for health and easily finds nearby you.

This works as an organic compound by using it in the plant, it helps to lock the moisture of the plant and provide the nutrient.

Add a second layer of mulch with the pebbles or gravel which helps to reduce the reflection of the heat.

15. Set the Positions of the pots

The position of pots is the factor that affects the growth of the plant as some required shaded for growth as you put them in a sunny area they will absorb the water.

However, to remove this drawback you can place the large pot on the wall and under its shadow put the shaded plants, so its moisture will be maintained.

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