10 Best Low Light Houseplants To Decorate Home

Pilea cadierie, is an evergreen perennial which means it remains green throughout the year. You can use it as a tabletop to decorate a specific place.

Aluminum Plant

This plant got its name from the leaves. As the leaves get mature they become longer and more arrow-headed.

Arrowhead Plant

This plant is famous for its tiny green leaves. This plant can be easily grown in pots and containers with less effort.

Artillery Plant

This plant is perfect for the interior completed with leather work. Slender woody stalks topped with fan-like spiky leaves produces a rustle sound when you walk past.

Broadleaf Lady Plant

Zebra Plant proves to be a bold attraction for the visitors. The contrasting stripes of green over the leaves make it look more beautiful and interesting.

Calathea Zebra Plant

This plant is especially best for offices, that doesn’t receive much light. This plant grows well in peat potting mixture. This plant can grow in the darkest corners of the home indoors.

Cast-Iron Plant

Chinese Evergreen has elliptical and glossy leaves that fit best while growing indoors. This plant is perfect for the dimly lit entry hall.

Chinese Evergreen

Dracaena Spp. or Dracaena plant has narrow leaves that maybe green, red, yellow or variegated. you can find an array of plants under Dracaena Umbrella.


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