Best Houseplants Decor For Kitchen

It has big leaves that are dark green in color. They enjoy humidity so it’s best for growing them in a place like a kitchen where humidity is a bit higher.

Peace Lillies

With colorful dots spreads all over the leaves, this plant will make your kitchen no less than a modern-day dream kitchen. This plant does best in indirect sunlight.

Polka Dot Plant

Wondering for a plant that can tolerate all conditions. Look no further than Chinese evergreen. It has long, beautiful green leaves with a silver sheen.

Chinese Evergreen

Spider plant thrives best in direct sunlight but it will be fine to grow them in a low-light space. So it doesn’t matter how much light your kitchen receives or humidity levels, this plant will prosper.

Spider Plant

Venus Flytrap actually lures the insects and trap them into their leaves, and eats them. This is a carnivorous plant and can help to get rid of mosquitoes, insects, and bugs up to some extent.

Venus Fly Trap

This plant is as tough as its name suggests. It doesn’t mind low light conditions. It can easily grow in it.

Cast Iron

It is also known as the African snake plant. It has long cylindrical leaves and narrows to a point to the tip.

African Spear Plant

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