Best Indoor Air Purifying Plants

Areca is oxygen giving plant. You can place it in the indoor

Areca Plant

Snake plant is a hardy plant. You can plant it in a plastic or ceramic container.

Snake Plant

The monkey plant requires 1 hour of sunlight in a day. you can use a 5-inch pot for planting the monkey plant.

Monkey Plant

it is a beautiful plant. this plant has colorful flowers. It needs to the bright and large in warmer climates.

Gerbera Daisy

Chinese evergreen is a slow-growing plant. It has a color reflection which can be green, red.

Chinese Evergreen

it can be planted on the teapot, ice cream maker, sugar pot, cute cycle pot holder to give the plant an attractive look.

Spider Plant

it is a fully green plant , it does not need much care and attention for the growth.

Broad lady Palon

the another name of this plant is ficus laytra . it mostly available in the forest rain , with cold and humid , constant temperature

Fiddle leaf fig

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