Best Indoor Hanging Plants

It is a plant that you can grow without using soil. It does not require much care and attention.


burros tail is a circulant plant and it can survive without water for a few days.water gets stored in the leaves of this plant.


It pitches the insects and takes food from that insects as a nutrientThis kind of plant is mostly placed in the kitchen

Pitcher plant

Peperomia is an extremely beautiful plant and has various styles. It is a small plant you can place it in a small pot and decorate the room.


Chenille plant grows quite fast than other hanging plants. Make sure you maintain the size of this plant.

Chenillie plant

The orchid represents the symbol of love.It is wild and exotic but you can use it as a houseplant.


Arrowhead mainly helps to reduce the indoor air pollution.It is easy to grow and you may place it in the medium-light area

Arrow head

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