Best Large Indoor Plants For Living Room

Indoor plants make the mood fresh and clean the surrounding air. Also, they spread positivity in the room. You can decorate different rooms from these large indoor plants for living room.

This plant can be found in red-green, copper, orange, pink and brown colors. Crotons naturally clean the surrounding air by removing pollutants.


This is a beautiful plant and suits best in the living room. Birds of paradise plants need a container that is at least 34 inches deep as it is a large indoor plants.

Birds of Paradise

Dragon Plant is a very attractive plant that blooms white flowers during the spring season and has sword-like leaves.

Dragon Plant

This plant also falls in the category of large indoor plants for living room. The leaves of this plant are big and heart-shaped and they are sensitive too.

Swiss Cheese Plant

This is a decorative plant which means the philodendron plant is used for decorating the interior of the houses and other places. This plant has attractive, dark green leaves.


If you are planning to grow an umbrella plant, choose a bright spot in the house. Being a natural air-purifier it removes the toxins from the air.

Umbrella Plant

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