Best Trailing Succulents For Hanging Baskets

This plant bears yellow flowers which resemble daisies and looks so beautiful with the purple backdrop. The blooms open only in the sun.

1. Ruby Necklace

Also known as donkey’s tail, you can propagate and grow it easily. The trailing foliage of this hanging succulent grows about 2-3 feet long.

2. Burro’s Tail

Gardeners also know it by other names such as weeping jade and vining jade. Ovate shaped leaves on thick succulent stems give it an unrivaled elegance.

3. Trailing Jade

It rises around one foot in height with branches growing about three feet tall and can be trained to become upright, outward or trailing down.

4. Variegated Trailing Jade

Small shrubby succulent sprawling over the rim of the pot or hanging basket looks terrific. The leaves develop reddish-pink color on the edges if grown in ample sunlight.

5. String of Buttons

climbing Aloe is an excellent choice for trailing plant. Not only they are easy to start and grow but produce a range of flower colors.

6. Climbing Aloes

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