Best Vegetables Which we can Grow In Buckets Easily

Tomatoes are gardener’s favorite.You should grow bush varieties in buckets. For a single tomato plant, one 5 gallon bucket will be needed.


You can grow tons of carrots in buckets. Small varieties of carrots are very suitable. In a 5 gallon bucket, you can grow 20-25 carrots. Sow the seeds of carrots directly in the potting soil of your buckets.


You can easily regrow store-bought ginger in your buckets. Just pick some good and healthy-looking rhizome of ginger, split it into pieces, and plant them in the soil.


You can grow sweet peppers or hot peppers in your buckets. You can buy seedlings from a plant store to grow peppers or start your seeds at home.


Okra is a very delicious vegetable. This vegetable is very easy to grow. The germination rate of okra seeds is great.


Cucumbers are delights to eat and to grow. There are tons of varieties of cucumbers out there. You can start growing them from seeds or seedlings.


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