Best Way To Care Indoor Christmas Cactus

If you're worried you may not be able to keep this beautiful plant alive, rest assured because they're actually pretty easy to care for.

Unlike the desert cactus that are drought-resistant, Christmas cactus being a rainforest native plant needs an adequate supply of water to remain healthy and grow.

Christmas cacti prefers shady or semi-shady region to grow. Although they are adaptable to other conditions as well.

Soil is an essential factor in the growth of the christmas cactus. Use a quality soil rich in nutrients essential for its growth. Chrismas cactus prefers soil that remains moist for long time.

Being a cactus It craves more water. Moisture is very much important for this plant to grow well. Christmas cactus need regular and enough water supply during its growth period.

Christmas cactus is a bit picky in terms of temperature. Ensure that the temperature should over between 60-80degrees during its peak growth time.

The Christmas cactus needs an ample amount of humidity to grow. To boost the humidity levels around the plant, you can place it on the pebble tray filled with water beneath.

Feed your christmas cactus plant with half-strength, dilute water-soluble fertilizer during the peak growth time of spring and summer.

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