Best way to Grow Cucumber at home garden

Cucumber plants crave two things above all else: heat and water. This means that you have to wait for consistently warm days before you can plant them.

They also need regular watering, so your planting location should be a spot you can easily reach with a hose or watering can.

Finally, keep in mind that cucumbers will taste better and produce more with frequent harvests.

There are two types of cucumbers you can grow: vining or bush.Your local garden center will likely carry both; if not, you can buy seeds online.

Vining: Vining cucumbers have long vines that can either run along the ground, grow from small mounds, or better yet, climb up a support like a trellis or fence.

 Bush: Bush varieties of cucumbers are smaller and ideal for container growing but are available in fewer types and varieties than vining.

Consistent moisture will keep your plants healthy and turn out cucumbers that are less bitter. Aim to give your plants at least an inch of water each week

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