Easy Method to grow Blackberry In Pots

1. Erect Thorny Blackberries 2. Erect Thornless Blackberries 3. Trailing thorny blackberries.

category of blackberries

are bushy plants, that stand upright on their own on the other hand hand, the trailing thorn blackberries need support to grow. It cannot stand stiff by itself.

Erect Thorny Blackberries

tend to grow faster than thornless ones. Thornless variety has a slower growth pace but it is easy to manage.

Erect Thornless Blackberries

To get a better yield, plant the plant where it can receive full-time sunlight. Make sure while you plant it.


You can find the readymade Blackberries cuttings in local nurseries. While you buy it, make sure the variety suits the soil where you will be growing.


Growing Blackberry from seeds

You can also grow them with seeds.Plant the seeds in the prepared soil and keep it moist until it germinates.

Blackberries are delicate fruits with a chance of getting spoiled within a few days. So, keep them inside the refrigerator to keep them fresh as long as you use them.

Storing Blackberries

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