how to care for avocado plant?

if you’re growing avocados inside your home or garden, you should move them into the greenhouse when the weather starts getting cooler.

Avocados are like many tropical houseplants, which prefer bright indirect light. They need plenty of water and like to be kept in a cool, shady spot.

Avocados are very sensitive to wet feet, so you should never leave a pot of avocados sitting in a wet place.

When indoor temperatures are low, It’s important that plants in colder temperatures have bright indirect light and a humidifier.

The lack of humidity in the winter may cause leaves to fall off the tree.

You need to water the avocado plant often so that the soil is moist but not soaking wet, to prevent root rot.

Check the drainage, and make sure your pots have good airflow and can get air circulation around the roots.

A good way to keep your avocado tree from producing suckers is by pruning back the growth in early spring.

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