How to  Care for Thanksgiving Cactus?

As its common name indicates, the Thanksgiving cactus is known for blooming around Thanksgiving, bringing a splash of color into your home just as the weather outdoors is getting colder.

These tropical cacti are surprisingly easy to keep happy indoors. They do well in typical household conditions and don’t need to be fussed over.

There are a couple of important things you will need to keep in mind when it comes to caring for this popular holiday cactus.

In the spring and summer, the Thanksgiving cactus does best in medium indirect light. A spot that gets bright, indirect light is perfect.


When it is grown as a houseplant, the Thanksgiving cactus should be grown in a potting mix that is humus-rich, airy, and well-draining with an acidic pH.


The soil should be kept consistently moist and should not be allowed to fully dry out. At the same time, a Thanksgiving cactus should never be waterlogged as it is sensitive to overwatering.


These tropical cacti thrive in warm, humid conditions. Ideally, keep the humidity around your Thanksgiving cactus above 50 percent, and temperatures between 60 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit

Temperature and Humidity

The Thanksgiving cactus should be fertilized regularly throughout the growing season to help promote blooming in the fall.


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