How To Care of Hanging Strawberries?

Hanging strawberries, like all other strawberry plants, should be watered at least twice a week.

Moreover, the water should not come from a sprinkler system, but rather from a hose or watering can to ensure that the moisture is properly soaking into the soil.

This will not only help to keep the plant hydrated but also makes it easier for gardeners to spot pests who might be living in the plant and feeding on the fruit.

Gardeners should check for these pests on a regular basis and treat them with an appropriate insecticide if found.

In addition to pests, hanging strawberry plants are vulnerable to many diseases. Such diseases should be treated with an appropriate fungicide if found.

Do not put more than four plants in a basket; one dozen plants make a basket full enough to be handsome.

Now hang them in your sunniest window and keep them supplied with water by wetting the moss every day

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