How To Compost At Home?

Compost is the best way to add organic matter and nutrients to your soil or garden. It’s a simple way to restore nutrients and fertility to depleted soil.

Basically, Compost is a decomposed organic matter that is further added to the soil to make it more useful for the plants.

If you are wondering where to start then start from fruits and veggies – peels, leaves, etc. Daily used tea bags eggshells, flowers, cuttings, etc.

Select your food scraps.

Once you have collected the scraps, store them for a couple of days so you can collect some more and can successfully do the piling process properly.

Store these food scraps

you have to choose a place to make your compost. It can be your backyard, and if you don’t have space at home, you can do it in the community garden as well.

Choose a place to make your compost

Preparing the compost mix depends on the layering of the waste organic matter. A good thing to remember is that green materials are wet and brown materials are dry.

Make the compost mix

The moist condition will fasten up the process of decomposition. if it’s hot then it will be ready within 2 months and if it’s cold it will take about 3-4 months.

Wait and Aerate

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