How to Create an Indoor Garden - For Beginners

Indoor gardening gives you an opportunity to exercise your green thumb all year long, be it harsh winters or hot summers. With indoor gardening, you can be close to your greens.

The most common way of indoor gardening is planting in containers like pots, empty containers, or grow bags.

Container Gardening

Raised beds are a perfect way to grow small vegetables and herbs corner at your place. You can use any corner of your house to make raised beds.

Corner Raised Beds

People also transform their walls into an indoor garden and grow edible plants. Use irrigation tanks or dripping water technique to provide the plants with a steady supply of water.

Living Walls

Hydroponics is again a great way to grow plants indoors. It is a method of growing plants without soil or gravel but by providing valuable nutrients and using water growing methods.


You can grow microgreens on your window sill, under indirect sunlight, or use artificial lights to make these miniature greens grow well.

Microgreens Corner

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