How to Fertilize Christmas Cactus for Bloom?

If you are like me, then you may have a Christmas cactus that bloomed beautifully in the past, but you are having a hard time getting the plant to bloom again.

To start, the plants thrive in indirect sunlight and well-drained soil, so make sure that you have a good spot for the plant to grow.

The feeding season of the Christmas cactus is the same as the growing season.

This means that it will need to be fed right before it blooms, which should be about from April to October of the year.

With the right fertilizer and a proper feeding schedule, you should have bright blooms just in time for Christmas.

When you are fertilizing this plant, you will either want a bloom formula or a water-soluble formula for the best results.

During mid to late summer, you can use a fertilizer that is high in phosphorus once a month to help enhance the flowers when they bloom.

Never fertilize a Christmas cactus when the plant begins to flower because it can cause the buds to fall.

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