How to Fertilize Cucumber at Home?

Cucumbers are one of the most popular of all vegetable plants to grow at home.

Perhaps it ‘s because you can grow them almost anywhere – whether it be in a traditional garden setting, raised beds, pots and containers, or even in straw bales if desired.

No matter where or how you grow cucumbers, they need a steady supply of nutrients to survive and thrive. Especially as the growing season wears on, and your plants begin to grow and produce.

When it comes to successfully fertilizing cucumbers, it really boils down to giving them nutrients at 3 different points and stages.

1. At Planting Time 2.  When Mulching Around The Plants 3.  At 2 Week Intervals As They Develop

Cucumbers have low nitrogen requirements, but they need high potassium and high phosphorus levels.

With commercial fertilizer formulas, this means the first of the three numbers on the package should be lower, for instance, 5-10-10. Or the numbers overall should be low, such as 4-4-4, rather than 20-20-20.

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