How to Grow Bananas from Corm?

The banana is a very popular fruit and is grown in many countries worldwide. It is also easy to grow, so it has become an important crop for millions of small farmers and large plantations.

Bananas are perennial crops. They are not grown from seeds but suckers or corms.

The banana plant grows from an underground stem called a corm.

Corms are planted in spring or early summer, and after about a year, they begin producing roots.

Once the roots have grown sufficiently, the plants are transferred to the fields where they will grow.

Banana plants take about nine months to grow and flower, but the fruit takes another 4-5 months to ripen properly.

All bananas plants produce one bunch of fruit per year, after which the plant dies.

When this happens, new plants grow from suckers or small shoots which grow out of the base of the plant.

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