How To Grow Bell Peppers From a  Bell Pepper?

Bell peppers are famous as a spicy vegetable for many dishes. Using these peppers you can add some delicious flavor to the food.

Growing the bell peppers from scraps is very straightforward. Just find and collect the peppers and scraps from leftovers.

Make sure the bell peppers are mature or ripe, remove the seeds, and spread them over a clean tray or paper towel.

Place the bell pepper seeds under the sun. They need to be in direct sunlight to dry out.

This usually takes one hour. Don’t let them sit in the sun too long, as this will cause the seeds to get burned.

You can dry your bell peppers by placing them in a paper bag and setting it in direct sunlight, on a table or shelf, or even under a ceiling fan.

They are very phototropic. That means they prefer to grow where there is plenty of light.

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