How To Grow Bonsai Trees In Container?

The term “Bonsai” is derived from Japan. A bonsai tree is a small tree, which is used to provide a shadow shape tree.

So much patience is required to plant the bonsai because it takes so much of your attention, time, and care to grow.

select the tree which you want to plant from the given above. Then what you do is select the cutting of a particular tree. Then remove all the leaves from it and clean the branch.

The next step for planting a tree is soil which is essential for the life of the plant. I suggest you Instead of using organic rooting hormone.

You can use cinnamon powder(dalchini powder). If organic rooting is not available for you.

Another suggestion is if both the things are not available then You can use tulsi infusion rooting hormone as well.

You must maintain the soil consistency because the soil for growing cuttings must not contain many fertilizers.

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