How to Grow Cilantro From Seeds At Home?

you can obtain fresh cilantro from your kitchen as they are easy to grow in an indoor garden using container gardening methods.

Cilantro plants grow very quickly during the peak growing season. And in 4-6 weeks they are ready to harvest and use.

First, you need to soak the cilantro seeds in water. For this purpose, you will need cilantro seeds, a small dish, and some water.

Soaks the Seeds

After 12 hours take the seeds out of the water and seal the seeds in a plastic bag. Now keep it in a sunny spot for 2 days.

Seal the Seeds

add some potting soil to the bag. Keep in mind that does not fill the whole plastic bag with soil.

Add Some Potting Soil

In order to retain the moisture for a long time, I would recommend you to choose a plastic pot. In terracotta pots, the soil will loosen the moisture quickly.

Choose the Pot or Container for Seedlings

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