How to grow cucumber at home?

Cucumbers can be one of the most rewarding vegetables you grow in your garden. They grow quickly and just a few plants can give you an abundance of cucumbers throughout the season!

Cucumber plants crave two things above all else: heat and water. This means that you have to wait for consistently warm days before you can plant them.

They also need regular watering, so your planting location should be a spot you can easily reach with a hose or watering can.

Finally, keep in mind that cucumbers will taste better and produce more with frequent harvests.

There are two types of cucumbers you can grow: vining or bush. Your local garden center will likely carry both.

Vining cucumbers grown on the ground will need as much as four feet of space between plants, but trellised cucumbers need only a foot of spacing.

Bush varieties produce fewer cucumbers than vining but give you lots of flexibility in smaller gardens or in containers that you can place where you want.

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