How to Grow Cucumbers in Pots?

Traditionally, cucumber vines grow in tangled masses over a large area. But with the use of containers, you can train the vines to climb a trellis or other supporting structure.

Cucumbers have deep root systems and need containers full of fertile soil that are at least 16 inches deep and 12 inches wide.

Self-watering planters are even better as they ensure your cucumbers won’t dry out. But, you will still need to monitor the soil’s moisture levels.

A pot of 20 inches in diameter can grow four to six cucumber plants. You can grow two to three plants in a five-gallon pail or one bush-type cucumber in a deep 10-inch pot.

Rectangular planters and window boxes are great for growing cucumbers too. But you will also have to set up trellises for the plants to climb upon.

Rich, healthy soil will keep your plants well-fed and retains more moisture than poor quality soil. Do not use ordinary garden soil, which does not drain well when used in a container.

Cukes are hot-weather plants. Don't plant outdoors until weather is warm ? usually a week or two after the last spring frost.

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