How To Grow False Shamrock Indoors?

The plant has a beautiful appearance with three leaflets. The color of the leaves ranges from green to purple.

If you provide little care and just the right conditions to the False Shamrock Plant, it will grow out as a beautiful one.

Oxalis refers to the genus of over 850 plants of the wood sorrel family. Their three-lobed leaves resemble those of clovers hence the common name.

False shamrocks are delicate plants that grow well in hanging baskets. They have triangular leaves that range from green to purple in color.

One unique and mesmerizing characteristic of the plant is it closes its leaves like an umbrella at night and reopens again in the morning.

The botanical name of this plant is Oxalis and it belongs to the Oxalidaceae family. The other name of the shamrock plant is Black oxalis, Purple Shamrock, False Shamrock, Love Plant, Wood Sorrel, and Oxalis.

This plant has ability to enhance the beauty of the indoor multiple times due to its delicate flowers and lavishing leaves. It is a kind of plant that can fill a pot easily.

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